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A defence of the Psi Warrior with regards to the Battle Master

Content of the article: "A defence of the Psi Warrior with regards to the Battle Master"

It has come to my attention that some individuals think the psi warrior is weak, especially because it starts with d6's instead of d8's like the battle master. In this post, I will show that Psi Warrior can compete with the battle master in terms of damage by examing every level where the numbers change. This examination ignores feats, base damage from a fighter (since it is the same for both classes shouldn't be a big deal), and utility effects. All of the previously mentioned are worth talking about but I am primarily concerned with damage for this examination. We will assume a 14 in INT for the Psi Warrior. At the end, I have linked a google sheet that has the numbers for comparing the damage.

At level 3 the damage a Psi Warrior can deal (in addition to base fighter) is: (4+#short rest)*(d6+INT) while the damage a BattleMaster can deal is (d8*4)*(#Short Rest). From this, we can see that it requires one short rests for the battle master to outdo the psi warrior in terms of damage, and then it is by 3 damage.

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At level 5 the Psi Warriors formula changes to (6+#short Rest)*(d8+INT) while the battle masters damage remains unchanged. This means even with two short rests the psi warrior now out damages the battle master.

At level 7 the battle master gains a superiority die. This changes their formula to (d8*5)*(#short Rest) This results in the battle master being 7 damage behind the psi warrior with two short rests but ahead by 9 damage at 2 short rests.


I won't bore you with the rest but suffice to say that it continues to take at least 2 short rests for the battle master to out damage the psi warrior, and even then at some levels, the psi warrior is still ahead.



In the google sheet I assumed every odd short rest to include an opportunity for the battlemaster to make use of relentless.

Edited because I did not take into account the original adventure before a short rest.

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