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A DM way over its head needs help

Content of the article: "A DM way over its head needs help"

This is probably way too much to ask from this community, but here we go anyway. The name is Luck and I am a DM trying to create an Epic Level homebrew campaign (LV21-26) using the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook and I am not by any stretch of the imagination a perfect DM (still gonna do it anyway) so now I am here asking for more elder wisdom on some stuff to make this dream possible.

The basic premise is that the players are the strongest adventurers in the city that they reside and while level 20 is not exclusive to them not many are still adventuring. So the city contracts the party for a mission that they call "beyond the powers of our world", where they must go to another world called Primus was things didn't go so well for the lesser races like humans. In this world, creatures like dragons, elementals, and every other kind as evolved without stopping, the magic of this realm is unbound by the normal laws of magic and so everything in this world is incredibly powerful. Well, they now have to enter this world and retrieve powerful magical parts from these primordials in order to complete the project that they call "Project Sigma".

So parts were I need your guy's elder wisdom

  1. Creating a Hub: My players want to use characters that they used previously in our one-shots, the problem is that those characters went to a bunch of random adventures with minimal interaction between them. So for the campaign, I was thinking about tying everything together with them simply taking those quests from the capital city of the world (high fantasy) that would also function as the breathing space for the Epic encounters that they would have in the campaign.What do I need? Well, I wanted some advice on how to create a defined city for my players where they not only found everything that they need without having to go to random locations in the world to get but also have random things happening in it to make it more alive, like big events, festivals, crime, shops opening and closing, houses for them to buy. How to make the city alive, you know?
  2. Creating motivation: Epic Legacy gives actually quite a bit of rewards for epic level characters aside from leveling up so the motivation for players is not the issue. But the narrative motivation for the characters is lacking. Like, once they acquire the first level of epic what is still painting them bound to finish the quest? What should I do to still compel the characters to go back to a world that rivals their newfound power?
  3. How many bosses: I know this sounds dumb. But since the campaign revolves around tracking, planning, and trying to kill creatures that could be BBG's for level 20 campaigns I should make a number of them that is fair to ask from my players and fair for me (not gonna make 20 of those or force the players to fight 20 of those), that I can put a good amount of hype behind and can plan with calm.
  4. Any extra advice? I am going to make the campaign no matter what so might as well ask for the wisdom of those that could have already done one or tried to.
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