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A Dragon’s Tale (Magic Item creation Help)

So I made a little magic Item that I wanted some thoughts on, it does require a little bit of backstory

So I play online DND with a group that has been together since like 2015ish?, and we started playing Waterdeep Dragon Heist. Because of school issues and scheduling conflicts, I gave my players a bunch of downtime that they could spend on doing quests off of a board, Roleplay stuff, work, or whatever they wanted really to replace Chapter 2 which is effectively just “Do sidequests”. 2 members of my group, Swashbuckler, Gunslinger Pirate named Willam Reed and Sea Tortle (Homebrew race I made) Wizard named Hogol Oog who is also a pirate. Both of which were like level 3.
They took a quest from the Libary of Oghma which was told about pests eating their books. They go talk to a librarian and he leads them down a set of stairs to a locked room explaining that they have had some issues with book worms. Players were like “cool, well try not to burn down the library no promises.” They head into the locked-off section of the library and start to investigate finding the place looking completely ransacked, bookshelves broken and knocked down manuscripts eaten and destroyed pages littered all over the ground. Hiding away throughout the library they found a hive of Book Wyrms, small orange draconic looking creatures about the size of a small house cat.

They smack a few with textbooks and splatter them on the floor but, smacking every single one was taking too long so they went looking about the place. To make a long story short they found a gigantic book wyrm sleeping in a massive pile of books, fight breaks out, and I don’t break out a battle map. (Mainly because this has all been improved up to this. I was planning on running rats, but saw a cool picture on Pinterest and went with this instead.) I say this is going to be a narrative battle and just go ham with it, We go for a few minutes of them, slashing and slinging spells, the Swashbuckler is taking on the Grand Book Wyrm running across bookshelves and dodging gouts of golden fire. The Wizard has been taking on the swarms of little book wyrms and trying to make his way to where the Grand Book Wyrm was originally sleeping and where now lays a shimmering purple and orange shimmering book. The rouge realizes that his attacks seem to look like they are dealing massive damage but the Dragon isn’t slowing.

The wizard freezes the swarm with Dragon’s Breath and grabs the book opening it in a flash of orange light as tendrils of shimmering energy wrap around the dragon and pull him into the book as it slams shut and the rest of the library shimmer and reverts to its the normal state, books all neatly alined on their shelves, no destruction or book wyrms in sight.

On the Cover of this book they see written in golden lettering, “A Dragon’s Tale.” and a picture of a familiar-looking pirate captain (the swashbuckler), and Wizard Turtle Archmage locked in a deadly battle with an Orange dragon exhaling gouts of golden fire. Scrawled at the bottom, “Written by Hogol Oog & William Reed.”

So with backstory out of the way, Basically The Dragon’s Tale is a living Story Book that changes and morphs based on the experiences it captures. It has 7 Charges, and the wielder of the book can expend 1 charge and summon the Grand Book Wyrm as an ally to fight with them for 1 minute. After all, charges are expended it becomes a non-magical book. What the party does not know is, after every usage, A small ribbon will fall out marking a new chapter which will is filled with the “Short Story” of the battle the Book Wyrm is summoned into as well as a changing of the Cover to the latest battle and additional Authors at the bottom of the rest of the party.

It also has other minor properties, like giving the ability to conjure a Book Wyrm when casting find Familiar, which is just a bad Psdodragon. And I’m thinking about maybe giving it a Once per Month, weaker Legend Lore type ability, which will require them to acquire some wacky item for the “Dragon” within the book.

And I really just have the question on, is this good? They are about to hit their first big boss fight and I’m just wondering should I do anything else with it, or make any changes. The Summon is a weaker Gold Dragon Wyrmling, with no weakening breath, it’s a Large creature and is Fey, not Dragon. But yeah any advice would be very much appreciated, sorry for how long this is.


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