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A dungeon master who is giving new players some advice.

Content of the article: "A dungeon master who is giving new players some advice."

Greetings fellow redditors and grasshoppers of adventuring nature. I happen to be a dungeon master on the discord app and often visit reddit to look up fascinating posts. Today,I've taken it upon myself to aid those who are looking to immerse themselves into the world's greatest rpg.most posts I find new players have issues looking for a place to call their table home.

Let's get started!

There's plenty of discord servers to check out as well as the mrpg mobile app,and even roll 20 to play DND.

Character creation can be a little overwhelming to look at at first, but with the right set of knowledge you can become a player who is well knowledgeable about your selected race,class,subclass,and tableside etiquette.

There is a plethora of youtube videos that can help you get an academy's worth of knowledge in. To start you off, I recommend the youtube channel called don't stop thinking. The simple explanation and visuals are enough to help you grasp a general idea of how to play and make a character.

The next YouTube channel is the rather amusing yet good summary of davvychappy. His style is kinda in your face a mile a minute but his abriged explanations are both amusing and (although somewhat biased about certain classes) very knowledgeable.that would help you with choosing a race and class. In his own meme…. ESPECIALLY THE WIZARD.

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now that you've watched those channels you have the general idea, so now it's time to go visit "how to be a great player" and "how to be a great dm" on youtube. The advise there is for those willing to not only have a good grasp of tableside etiquette, but to consider ideas for a player backstory.

Finally, is lore. Hoo boy these might be some longer videos, but aj pickett and Mr rhexx are what you want. The dive deep into the lore of dnd and give really detailed information. Once you have studied up on all this young grasshopper, it's all a matter of finding a dnd crew online via discord roll 20, or for mobile use, mrpg. Good luck,and may you find what you seek adventurer.

Once you are finally on a table top group there are things you personally need to do. Firstly, coordinate closely with your dungeon master for your character goals. This helps him or her plan accordingly while catering to the entire party as a whole. Here's an example.Playing an outlaw who is always hunted? The dm will try to make bounty hunters chase the party down to hunt you down.searching for an old tomb? The dm will try to make a thrilling trap filled tomb. But make sure you tell the dm, otherwise you might miss an opportunity to let your character shine.also in regards to that, make sure that you don't hog the spotlight. Anyone who does is considered a "that guy" in my books and will bring disfavor to the table. If a mage wants to step up to save the day then let em.and last but not least, expect that the dm will more than likely have a cause and effect system in place. If you break the law in the game the dm will More than likely have bounty hunters and town gaurd after you.

It's a big world put there grasshoppers. Good luck with your first journey!

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