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A feature for the sorcerer

Content of the article: "A feature for the sorcerer"

So I was looking into trying to buff the sorcerer for a while. the class leaves something to be desired in my opinion, it's not bad but very situtional and usually worse than any other arcane caster (being the bard, warlock or wizard).

I feel like the Meta-magic feature is cool but isnt very good because-

  1. you only know 2 options until level 10 and at level 20 you will only know 4, add to that that half of the options are pretty bad (for example careful spell) and you get mostly the same options every time – twiined, quickened, careful, extended/heightened.
  2. your sorcerey points are really limited and drain quickly even if you burn spellslots to recover them.
  3. Meta magic is the only feature this class has. if you have no sorcery points you are basically a handicapped wizard.

and that is why I think the following changes are good for the class (all changes depends on the game and might not work for everyone) –

  1. a sorcerer recovers some sorcery point on short reasts (maybe 1d4 and it upgrades to reach at 6th 10th 14th and 18th level by one size) this change is tied to changing the spellslot generated by Font of Magic to last until the nest short rest instead on long rest.
  2. a sorcerer can change a meta-magic option on long rest.
  3. new feature – Arcane Discovery at second level- over the coruse of a short or long rest a sorcerer can spend sorcery points to learn a spell (to which he/she has spellslot for) from the sorcerer spell list until the next short or long rest. the amount of sorcery point spent is equal to half the spell level rounded up (so 1 for 1/2nd level 2for 3/4 and so on with 5 for 9th). When you think of what a sorcerer is, they are magical being of pure magic that can bend the arcane weave as they see fit, It seems fitting for me that they would be able to conjure spells when they need them at the cost of their internal power. also a simmilar feature currently exists on a UA (Psionic Soul) so I don't think it is busted.
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if Arcane Discovery is broken in a way that I didn't see yet it can be changed to require a charisma ability check to succeed with a DC on 10 + the spell level (similar to how scrolls work)

Arcane discovery can also be included into the options in Font of Power (for example with the Class Feature Variants options)

I would very much like to get some input on this idea, but try to stay respectful :).

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