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A great idea is like a shart – it can strike at any time

Content of the article: "A great idea is like a shart – it can strike at any time"

> Be Me, forever DM – practicing the skill of BS-ing instead of rabidly prepping

> Have an idea while watching cartoons one day

> Reach up in there and pull a campaign out of my colon

> This probably won't suck maybe?

> Be not me, Dragonborn Bard and Skeleton Paladin

> Party is on the road, traveling in a cart, going to some town, fight some random bandits

> Then the sky goes red and a meteor hits the town they are traveling to

> They rush in to help and check for survivors, the town is totally wrecked

> Then weird demon cat alien come out of the meteor crater and they need to fight them off. Savage battle. They win.

> FFVIIVictoryMusic.wav

> Then some weird herd of tornado things come down the valley towards the town so they go out to investigate

> It turns out this is the ancient pathway of a society of air elementals that travel this way on a pilgrimage every 1000 years

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> Seems about right

> The air elementals are looking for "Grognok" (whoever that is) who lives deep below the ground

> Dungeon crawl.exe

> They go deep underground, fight a lot, solve puzzles, pick up a pet kobold, yadda yadda

> They find Grognok (an earth elemental) and he opens up a pathway so the air elementals can get through

> Town saved.gif

> BigD*mnHeroesSir.gif

> A Hero's work is never done and some bandits show up with weird crossbows that shoot exploding tomatoes and attack the town

> Yet another battle.exe

> They win – everyone is surprised.not

> But wait, there's more!

> Some old Amazon women come along looking for the fight of their lives and someone to kill them in noble battle

> Amazons decide to attack the bandit camp on the far side of the town and they wipe those suckers off the face of the earth

> Big battle that I describe in like 60 seconds

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> Amazons and bandits apparently found out about the town as a place to fight/loot from the same source

> It's some shadowy figure who lives up in the mountains

> Decided to go up to the mountains and kill this guy

> Notice the moon is getting bigger

> WTF.jpg

> Find castle, confront gnome artificer.

> Apparently this little dude was serving the minor god of misery, Schadenfreude and just wanted life to such for everyone

> Defeat gnome artificer trying to crash the moon into the earth, skeleton paladin nobly sacrifices himself by being stuck on the moon forever to break the monoliths that are drawing the moon down.

> Players get misty eyed at the tragic farewell

> Campaign over

> TFW I show them my

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