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A huge thank you to all of this community, and something to share in return, in the hope of being useful.

Content of the article: "A huge thank you to all of this community, and something to share in return, in the hope of being useful."

So let me start by introducing myself
My name is Vlad, some people call me Rorik I’m 28 and pretty new to DMing and D&D in general, I had my Issues in life with understanding myself and people around me, especially their feelings.

But when found this, and I would say without hesitation, wonderful game and an even better community. Using the knowledge I got here, and the genuine good feeling, I was able to help myself understand how to solve my own issues, and better understand others.

Here is a little bit of my thought process and the conclusions deriving from those little tips I know now and would like to share with you.

  1. When you welcome new players to your game, be those your old friends, and especially during this time people from the internet, show them your will to work with them and not against them don’t start from telling them what they can’t do at the table, start from introducing them to the things you like about this game, as the flow of imagination or how greater it can get if we will share it. And then when they get where you are going then tell them what you are uncomfortable with at your table, and why.
  2. Don’t be the DM who says: you can’t because, be the DM who says: Yes! But let’s decide together how can you actually do this, and would your character really do this? Like: If you want to fornicate with a dragon, even just for the memes, OK no problem but this will be hard to accomplish, you can’t just expect an ancient being with an alien mind compared to your characters just fall for him from the first sight, you would need to gather information in character to obtain this secret knowledge most likely kept in secret by the dragons themselves, and tell me after the session how exactly did he obtain this rare fetish. And bam! Instead of killing any creative spirit in a person who most likely just made an honest mistake, you have an actual thought process, and he might get you in a more positive way of thinking. In case, this person would just start talking shit, well good riddance, you dodged a bullet pall! But you did it more positively, and maybe just maybe planted the seed of creativity in the mind of the person who wanted to hurt you, and they will get to change and realize it.
  3. Talk to your players before session zero, one on one is also important, some people are shy and can’t get to open right away, so It is not enough to just give them the feeling of together we can all overcome anything, but also a safe space, where they can vent sometimes, and they would know you don’t push them to make decisions in the open if they are not ready to make them yet, and that when you as a DM or any other player tells them something they think would be cool, they just share their ideas and not telling them to do that to their character, this is their creation and it will always stay this way. Try suggesting to play a trial session to get the feel for roleplay one on one, improvise something together, it may help you understand their character better and for them to actually feel if this is really what they want to play.
  4. Ask your players to think of three little positive and three negative feelings their character has, for example, the smell of freshly baked bread makes them happy, they laugh at rude jokes the most, and they like collecting shells of different sizes and colors from shores they visit. And negative, they can puke if they eat onion it disgusts them so much, uncomfortable around scarecrows they don’t like the way they stare at them with those empty eye sockets, they hate sand because it is dry and gets everywhere XD. No one character can feel genuinely alive unless he feels feelings from the whole spectrum, even when I was depressed, I could still feel some good feelings from time to time, and this was the only light that helped me to go through with helping my self out of it. And in D&D we want character development and not character stagnation, it will get boring quickly, again remind the player that they can still try and roleplay any type of character with you before session zero, and see the effects for themselves.
  5. If after all of this your player still wants to play this character, allow them, but remind them that they will still have to come up with a reason, together with the other players at session zero, the reason for them to stay with the party, and would they be able to think about some goal that will potentially connect them and the other party members, and then tell them: “If at session zero you find this goal nothing is lost”, because you should always let them try and come up with new ideas for this character, and allow them to add to it, in their own time, but remind them that you can give back to them as much as they give you, if there were fewer things about the character that you know, you would understand it less and will not be able to create fun interactions to roleplay in. But you are working together so you will help them if they can’t figure it out by themselves.
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English is not my first language and I’m not the best writer in general, so sorry for any mistakes in advance, feel free to message me and talk if I said something that you would like me to clear for you or find interesting to discuss

And remember this, mistakes are not a bad thing, they are an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to learn is an opportunity to discover something marvoulous something that we might not even known about our selfs, and where is it better seen then not in this beautiful community and challenging game we all share the love.

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