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A list of cool homebrew enchantments

Content of the article: "A list of cool homebrew enchantments"

Hi guys! So, i'm a DM and i love getting creative with the loot i give my players but looking online i found it hard to find a list of magical weapons that was satisfying enough in my opinion. So i made my own! This list contains 100 unique enchantments that can be applied to most items to spice up any loot your players may find. just roll a D100 and enjoy! Please feel free to leave any ideas for improvements or other cool ideas for magical weapons, id love to hear them! Thanks guys, enjoy the read! This was already posted to r/dnd but i thought it would be better suited here!

  1. The item becomes branded with the icon of courage. This person receives advantage on intimidation checks
  2. The item becomes imbued with necrotic energy, making it partly undead. The item can deal an extra 1d8 of necrotic damage but becomes useless against radiant beings
  3. The item becomes imbued with chaotic energy, the user can tap into this energy with a bonus action and become imbued with chaos, doubling damage for 3 turns but taking half their max health from their current health. The user can be killed by this effect.
  4. The item becomes sanctified by angels, when swung will release a cone of radiant energy that gets stronger the further it travels (base damage for the cone is 1d8. +1d8 for every 10 feet travelled, up to 50ft.)
  5. The item becomes vampiric. When coated in blood the item will regenerate the users hit points by 4d4 per round but the item will become permanently useless in the sunlight.
  6. The item becomes branded with the language of the gods. If the celestial language is known, these words can be spoken to ‘summon a phoenix under the control of the user. (one phoenix max)
  7. The item warps into an unnatural shape, the user may roll a d20. On a natural 20 the user may pick one opponent within its line of sight to violently explode.
  8. The item becomes imbued with radiant energy, creating a magical protection ward around the user making them immune to magical projectiles on the use of an action.` (physical projectiles imbued with magic will lose their magical properties but continue through the ward.)
  9. The item becomes possessed by the ghost of a fallen medic. You may roll a D20, on a 15+ any living thing the item touches will heal for 4d4
  10. The item gains three spark charges. When used, any damage dealt by the item will be doubled. Once the last charge is used and resolved the item explodes into a fireball 15ft in diameter
  11. The item becomes spectral, it becomes useless against corporeal entities but deals an extra d10 damage to spectres and ghosts
  12. The item becomes branded with spiral runes. Anything the item harms becomes totally unaware of the events that took place in the last five minutes.
  13. The item gains the ability to transform into a stone wall of cover (5ft. wide by 3ft tall). Activating this effect destroys the item
  14. The item becomes branded with the hymns of kyne. If the user can read elvish and utters these words, they will be able to deal an extra 1d8 of damage to animals until a long rest.
  15. The item gains the ability to harness the effects of the weather. (If it is raining, the blade instantly kills beings made of pure fire, thunder adds 1d8 of lightning damage to the weapon, the sun sets the blade ablaze adding 1d8 of fire damage and snow coats the blade in ice that can fire an ice spike using a bonus action)
  16. The item cracks and splinters. Plunge the blade into the ground and roll a d20. If 17+, roll a d10. The number rolled from the D10 dictates the magnitude of earthquake that will result.
  17. The item begins to glow a bright white, lighting up even the darkest of caverns brightly enough to be able to see normally (50ft. range).
  18. Imbues an item with ancient dwarven runes. If the dwarven language is known, these runes can be spoken and summon dwarven spirit armour, which adds a 2+ to their armour class.
  19. The item begins to resonate. On a death blow the item absorbs the targets soul. Once five souls have been absorbed the item can emit a soul charge, a ball of soul energy deals 5d10 of damage to everything around the user, but not the user, in a 20ft radius.
  20. The item becomes imbued with the power of ultimate siphon revivify. The item can touch a corpse and return it to life, at the cost of 100 hit points from the user.
  21. The item turns grayscale in colour and becomes branded with an emblem of the moon. Under the moon, the item deals an extra 1d10 of lunar damage, 2d10 against animorphs.
  22. The item begins to ooze green slime. This slime is a highly toxic poison. On a successful hit the target must make a constitution save (DC16). On a failed save, the target will take 3d4 damage for 3 turns. This effect does not stack.
  23. The item gains five mana restoration charges. Pointed at a target with in 50ft and used, it will regenerate one of the targets spell slots. If the target cannot recover spell slots the charge is wasted.
  24. The item becomes fused with the user through stone like growths and imbues the user with the power of the stone knight. A blow that would normally kill the user would instead leave the user with one hit point
  25. The item becomes one with shadows and by extension, its user. Encompassed in a dark mist the user can activate this effect once per hour to disappear into any shadow they can move to without a trace.
  26. The item triples in size and fills the user’s muscles with the power of a giant, forcing them to triple in size. Their strength becomes 25, but their dexterity is reduced by 4.
  27. The item can tap into the heavens itself. Roll a d100, if the number is 90 or higher, summon a random angel. The item loses any magical property after this effect is resolved.
  28. The item begins to glow slightly blue, it becomes clairvoyant and will warn the user through telepathy of impending danger, it cannot discern the magnitude of danger, just that there is danger nearby.
  29. The item is branded with the emblem of a dagger and gains the ability to fire daggers by using a bonus action. If the user would like to use a whole action to fire this dagger, the fired dagger becomes a great sword, gaining the swords damage stats.
  30. The item begins to be orbited by three different coloured spheres, one red, one blue and one yellow. The red sphere will restore 50 hit points. The blue sphere restores one spell slot. The yellow sphere spawns 100 gold.
  31. The item becomes decorated in red glowing stripes and gains the ability to fire flares at will. If the flares hit a target, they deal 1d4 damage. On a hit, roll a d20. On a natural 20 the target is set ablaze dealing 5d10 damage per turn.
  32. The item becomes warped into the shape of a spiral and grants the user the ability to cast one shot of wild magic per long rest.
  33. the item begins to grow jagged teeth all over adding 1d4 of damage to the item. On a death blow the item absorbs the targets soul. Once five souls have been absorbed the item will restore the user to max health
  34. The item becomes so heavy only those with a strength of 25 or above can wield it, but all hits with this weapon are guaranteed, regardless of AC.
  35. The item becomes branded with the emblem of a hooded figure, DEX saves are done with advantage.
  36. The item becomes coated in black flames. On a successful hit, whatever it touches must succeed a wisdom saving throw (DC 14), if it fails the target becomes friendly for one turn. This effect only works once per target.
  37. The item becomes branded with the emblem of a smiley face. Charisma checks are done with advantage
  38. The item becomes covered with leaves and branches and gains the ability to calm any animal creature its pointed at. The twigs add an extra +1 AC if the item is a shield, piece of armour or a creature.
  39. The item turns from its original material into enchanted magma. The magma cannot damage the user but deals an extra 2d8 of fire damage to a target. Once per long rest the blade can summon a magma mephit under the control of the user.
  40. The item begins to radiate an unknown energy. The item can now create minor illusions, any target that would be fooled by the illusion must make a wisdom saving throw (DC15), on a success the target is not fooled by the illusion.
  41. The item is swarmed by flies. On a successful hit, anything the item touches must make a constitution saving throw, on a fail, the target is incapacitated with sickness for one turn.
  42. The item is branded with words of courage, when spoken, the user makes all allies immune to fear and intimidation checks
  43. The item is filled with the energy of the god the user serves. Anyone who serves another god gains disadvantage on initiative. If the user serves no god, the item turns feral, the user has disadvantage on all combat-based rolls
  44. The item becomes two times lighter. The user gains the fast hands reaction. If an attempted hit should miss, they can reroll the hit.
  45. The item thins out to an arrow tip somewhere on its form. The user may now activate its one arrow charge to bring down a hail of arrows upon the entirety of the battle field. Everyone in combat must make three DEX saves, any fails and the target will take 1d8 damage per fail. Once the charge is used the item returns to its original form and loses its magical properties
  46. The item becomes shrouded in a white mist. The user can tap into the item and turn spectral at will.
  47. The item can now turn into a bow at will. Firing spectral arrows that require nothing to create. The arrows deal 2d4 damage and will always find their mark, regardless of AC
  48. The item gains a voodoo doll attachment. Roll a d20 per target while in combat. On a 19 or 20 the user gains total control of the target so long as that target is below a challenge level of 10. When combat ends the target dies. One target per combat.
  49. The item is branded with the words “sword breaker”. If the item misses an attack, roll a d20. On a natural 20, the targets weapon is shattered into dust.
  50. The item becomes branded with the vow of calamities. When the vow is uttered everyone in the area must make a constitution save (DC5). On a failed save, the targets suffer massive internal organ failure, dealing 10d10 damage. Every time the vow is uttered, the user is permanently deducted 20 hit points.
  51. The item becomes decorated with golden spines and celestial runes. Should a member of the party be permanently killed by a hostile attack. The user can sacrifice the item and save their life, restoring them to 1 hit point.
  52. The item becomes coated in a thin layer of mucus. This mucus can be bottled once per long rest. Should a bottle of mucus be emptied on a target, the target begins to become encased in the mucus. The target must make a strength saving throw (DC13) to pull the mucus off. After a certain number of turns based on the targets size, the target will become encased in the mucus totally, incapacitating the target. The target then has three turns to be freed before being dissolved in the mucus. (tiny creatures: 1 turn/small creatures: 3 turns/medium creatures: 5 turns/ large creatures: 10 turns/gigantic creatures: 20 turns)
  53. The item becomes decorated in tentacles. The item receives 3 tentacle charges. Each charge deploys a grappling tentacle from the item that can pull the target towards the user on a failed strength check (DC15).
  54. The item becomes swathed in magical wrappings. If the user activates the power of the item using an action, all allied spell casters gain an extra plus five to hit for one turn.
  55. The item gains the emblem of despair. The target may summon a wraith for the duration of the battle that’s under the control of the user (one wraith max)
  56. The item becomes shrouded in the faces of lost souls. The user may activate the item, using an action, to open a portal to the soul cairn, allowing the lost souls to pull one target to its realm. The target must succeed a strength check (DC 5) to stay within the material plane.
  57. The item is given the seal of lesser reincarnation. This seal may be removed and placed on the skull of a corpse to bring back a zombie under the control of the user.
  58. The item grows an eye. The item can now deploy this eye as a scout within 50 meters of the user. If the eye is damaged or destroyed, the item is also destroyed
  59. The item becomes possessed by a deep voice that speaks to its user of dishonourable deeds. The item becomes doubly powerful against unarmed opponents
  60. The item becomes possessed by an ancient wraith king. Any undead allies gain advantage on all hit rolls
  61. The item becomes decorated with three porcelain hands. The user can discharge one of the hands as a mage hand.
  62. The item becomes wrapped and surrounded with horned vines. Any attack made with the item that would intend to trip, disarm or incapacitate deals an extra +1d4 damage and is done with advantage.
  63. The item begins to glow with all the colours of the rainbow. You gain a +2 to your charisma stat while using the item and gain advantage on persuasion rolls with characters of the same gender.
  64. The item becomes fused with a large gold piece worth 1000 gold. The item can now fire gold pieces, using gold in the user’s possession dealing 1d4 damage, if the fired coin lands a kill shot, the target explodes into a multitude of valuable items
  65. The item is imbued with the soul of a former bard. The item now boosts the user’s charisma stat by 1 and grants advantage on all charisma-based rolls
  66. The item gains a small gun barrel somewhere on its form. This gun comes with five ancient seeds of Gaia that when fired into a target, they will instantly sprout. Roll a d10, the number rolled will determine how many d10s of damage will be dealt.
  67. The item partly turns to stone. When the item deals damage to a target, the target must succeed in a constitution saving throw (DC5) or be permanently turned to stone
  68. The item becomes imbued with the energy of the unwoven. The user may command the item to reduce the enemies hit points by as many as they choose, however the user will take an equal amount of damage
  69. The item becomes branded with the words of the vampire king. It has one vampiric singularity charge. The user can sacrifice the item to create a vampiric singularity. Everyone in the battlefield must make a DC 15 dexterity saving throw to prevent themselves being pulled into the red ball. Anyone pulled in is instantly killed, once all dexterity saves have been made, the remaining parties gain health equal to the sum of the killed creatures hit points as the ball dissipates
  70. The item becomes wrapped in black linin. The curse of the mythic assassins has been lain upon you. When initiative is rolled, you must roll a d20 for everyone in the battle. If you roll a natural 20 for anyone, you teleport to them dealing 10d6 worth of damage but if you teleport to more than 3 people, you are banished to another plane of existence.
  71. The item becomes a stein of beer. This is the stein of never-ending mead. No matter how much you drink, you can’t seem to finish your glass
  72. The item transforms into a spoon. This is the sliver spoon of the snow elves. When placed into the mouth of a target, feeds them a mouthful of their favourite food.
  73. The item becomes magically connected to Gaia, the god of nature. When pointed at the ground the item will begin to grow a tree. How long the item is pointed at the ground dictates how large the tree will be
  74. The item gains the symbol of stamina. This symbol grants the user 10 extra feet of movement and proficiency in athletics and acrobatics
  75. The item becomes infested with insects. It has five insect charges. When a charge is spent, the battlefield becomes infested with a swarm of insects chosen by the user. Everyone must succeed on a DC 12 constitution save or be incapacitated with fear for a turn
  76. The item becomes braded with the emblem of terror. When activated the user can begin to place marks of madness on a target. The target must succeed in a (DC10) wisdom save or have a mark of madness placed on them. If three marks of madness a placed on a target they become feral, attacking anything nearby. If the target succeeds any of these saves, they are immune to the emblem of terror for 24 hours.
  77. The item begins to glow white hot. The item can now refuge any broken blades and amour at a single touch.
  78. The item becomes tethered to the user through an umbilical cord. This connection allows the user to spend 10 points of their own lifeforce to grant the item an extra +10 to all damage they deal, but if the cord is severed the user takes 10D10 damage and the item is destroyed.
  79. The item becomes fused with the scythe of the burning mother. The scythe does 4D6 slashing damage and a further 4D4 burning damage.
  80. The item becomes fused with mechanical technology from the far future. A fusion core is placed on the weapon, charging it with nuclear energy. The item can now fire a beam of energy that can travel 130ft. and deal 5D8 radiant damage. However, if the core is damaged it will explode in a 20ft. sphere, dealing 10d10 radiant damage to everyone inside.
  81. The item becomes consumed by pestilence. When the item is pointed at a target, using an action, a cloud of flies consumes them, incapacitating them for a turn.
  82. The item grows a mouth. this mouth can perfectly replicate anyone’s voice but only on a performance check (DC7).
  83. The item becomes reflective. If two living things share the same reflection their minds are swapped for 1D4 days.
  84. The item is now orbited by white orb. This is the orb of protection against the night. The user can activate this orb to ward off any evil targets within a 20ft. cone, so long as the target is below a challenge level 7. Can be used once per long rest.
  85. The item turns partly to bone. The target can choose one skeletal entity within their line of sight to crumble into meal. Can be used once per short rest.
  86. The item gains the seal of the unbound. Should the user become bound or unable to move, using their action they can free themselves from their bindings.
  87. The item gains the ability to enter the astral realm and bring its user with it. The user can astral project themselves up to 100ft. in any direction. The user cannot be seen, take damage or deal damage while in this state and once the enchantment is broken or the range exceeded, the user is returned to their original position.
  88. The item becomes fused with a hypodermic needle somewhere on its form. Should a target be stuck with this needle, they must succeed on a constitution save (DC14) or be paralyzed for 1d4 turns.
  89. The item turns black and its texture becomes course. It has been possessed by shade. Should the user take damage, half of the damage taken is reflected at the target.
  90. The item becomes branded with the words of the ultimate masque. Wave the item in front of your face to change your appearance for an hour.
  91. The item becomes lined with green, pulsating veins. Should the item be embedded in a target for 3 turns, the target’s blood becomes poisoned. This poison deals 20 points of damage per turn until the target dies or the blade is removed.
  92. The item gains the blessing of the reborn ribbon. Placing the item upon a fallen ally will instantly revive them to full health but will destroy the item
  93. The item is branded with the image of a key. Touch the item to any conventional lock to open it instantly.
  94. The item becomes slender, elegant and beautiful. Its user is infatuated with the item and will refuse to replace it with any other. should the user kill a target with a challenge level of 20 or higher, increase their charisma by 1.
  95. The item’s colour turns to a mix of dark greens and blues while a sinister grin appears somewhere on its form. The user gains 2 extra attacks.
  96. The item becomes jagged and turns black. Its gains the sin of wrath. Once per long rest, the item can unleash a lighting bolt upon a target. If a hit, roll a D100. If its 90 or higher, the target is immediately killed. If its 50 – 89, the target takes 5d12 damage. If it is 2 -50 the target is incapacitated for a turn. If it is a 1, the user is immediately killed.
  97. The item turns green and its form begins to bubble. Should a target possess something the user desires, the item can be sacrificed to create an exact replica of the desired object.
  98. The item turns a deep red colour, becomes slender and smooth and oozes an unfamiliar red fluid. Once per long rest, the user can call upon the item to turn themselves into a succubus for one hour.
  99. The item becomes heavy and much larger. Only those with a strength of 18 or higher can use the item. Should the user be on full health, death blows will grant 20 temporary hit points.
  100. The item begins to exude black smoke. The user’s movement speed is decreased by 5. When the item is pointed at the target a beam of smoke will connect the target to the weapon. While this connection remains uncut, reduce the targets strength by 2 per turn. If the targets strength reached 0 before they can break the connection, they will wither away and die. If the connection is broken, the target is restored to full strength instantly and cannot be targeted again.
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