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A little something to spice up the death mechanic

First time posting here, hi!

I'm about to start running my second long campaign with Out of the Abyss, and I wanted some consequence to being revived from death, but not something that would make the game less fun for the players. So here's a D10 table of ideas that mainly affect rp. If I end up using this I'd let the players choose how much they want to lean into the consequence themselves. Alternatively I'll probably let them roll on the madness table.

What do you think? What would you add to it?

1 – When your soul was torn from death's hands and transported back to your body, you witnessed the demise of a thousand creatures, most of them livestock up for slaughter. You cannot bear to eat meat anymore, and will have to succeed on a CON Save DC 15 to do so.

2 – You did not return to life alone. Sometimes, when it's quiet, you can hear a voice whispering to you in a foreign language. The sight of beautiful jewelry causes you to feel an intense sadness, and you can't help but burst into tears.

3 – While gone you witnessed two gigantic creatuers play a macabre game with the souls of other creatures as playing chips. You sometimes hear ghostly dice being thrown, and are struck by the intense fear that your soul is being toyed with by a being of higher power in a game you can't even begin to comprehend.

4 – Part of your soul was left behind when you were revived. You will sometimes space out for no reason, your eyes following geometrical patterns only you can see and feel an urge to solve.

5 – While dead you were confronted by a horrifying entity that spoke of the different ways it wanted to harm you and the souls of your friends once it got its hands on them. You are now convinced there is something out to get your party, and you feel the need to protect them from everyone and everything.

6 – When your soul was called back to your body by the creature reviving you, the way back was stormy and difficult to traverse. acted as a beacon, glowing brighter than anything else, leading you back. You are now convinced this object is your lucky charm, and will protect it with you life. You have a hard time functioning at full capacity unless you know exactly where it is at all time.

7 – While dead you visited the Astral Plane and saw the truth of all things, but the memory eludes you now. You find it extremely hard to lie to your fellow party members, and will sometimes blurt out thoughts you'd rather hide from them.

8 – The wounds of the killing blow that struck you down, although long since healed, continue to itch and hurt with phantom pain, and you find yourself scratching or picking at yourself as a result, and looking for ways to dull the pain.

9 – You did not return to life alone. Sometimes, your left hand acts on its own. It seems to have strong opinions on the weirdest of things. Plot with DM or decide on the personality of your passenger yourself.

10 – Your soul has yet to reconnect fully to your physical self. You sometimes feel disconnected to reality, as if your consciousness could simply float up through the sky. The only thing that seems to help is holding hands with another creature until the episode passes.


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