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A look back at our D&D Combat Tracker in 2020

What a year it has been! Our combat tracker has changed a lot over the course of this turbulent year. Our goal from the start has been to give you the most complete and easy to use D&D Initiative tracker out there and this year we made a big step towards that goal, all thanks to our amazing users!

We have worked hard in 2020 and we wanted to share some highlights from that hard work, even though making a list of all we’ve done this year seems impossible.

Besides creating new features we’ve added so many things that made our app easier to use, not even we can remember all that has been done. But below are some of the major upgrades.

We also wanted to share some feedback, it makes us very proud and keeps us motivated to work on Harmless Key. Your feedback is what keeps us going and helps us improve at the rate that we do. We want to thank all our users for choosing Harmless Key and we hope to see you again in 2021. This year was just the beginning, there is so much more coming next year!

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D&D Combat Tracker | Harmless Key





Harmless Key 2020 highlights

12 Major features added

  • Loot system
  • Multitargeting
  • Fully reset an encounter
  • Demo encounter
  • Color labels
  • Custom reminders
  • Player damage requests
  • Hide enemy names from players
  • Player companions
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Improved Advantage/Disadvantage rolls
  • Quick edits

9 User suggestions developed

  • Hit enter for damage, shift+enter for healing
  • Add conditions/reminders to multiple targets at once
  • Players can send in damage/healing done
  • Skill expertise for players
  • Add temporary HP to multiple targets at once
  • Hide enemy names from players
  • Critical hit settings (either double or roll twice)
  • Show DM rolls on the player screen
  • Roll initiative when adding NPC during an encounter

Some lovely feedback was received

  • “I literally started D&D a week ago and already started DMing 2 days ago and this app seems like a GODSEND. Seeing what the app is and imagining what it may become is (almost) as exciting at the game itself!”
  • “Great app and great help with everything!!! I immediately went for the highest tier because I think that this program is amazing and I'd like to see it grow even more!!!”
  • “Your tool is awesome and exactly what I was searching for. No more paper trash or excel sheets! ;-)”
  • “Let me be the first to say that you guys are being criminally undersupported for this product. Easily one of the best supplements I've ever seen produced for this game.”
  • “I cannot tell you how much Harmless Key has helped me focus on story and content and less on encounter logistics planning. My players LOVE when I share the damage leaderboards after combat.”
  • “I can't believe this program isn't backed by more people. It's so unbelievably well done and useful.”
  • “This app is great and totally worth the Patreon subscription. I've put together encounters that I was in as a player and started them with player and NPC initiatives all before my DM was able to start the first round using paper init trackers.”
  • “You guys literally fixed the hidden NPC name feature IN THE MIDDLE of my session. Hot damn. That is some incredibly fast patching. I'm so proud of my Patreon subscription. And so impressed with you guys.”
  • “Great encounter tracker! I've tried a bunch and this is hands down the best.”

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