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A Lost Mine of Phandelver different hook

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Hi! I'm a noobie dungeon master and a Game Designer. I wanted to share with you a hook I created for my first "big" adventure (I just had a couple of one-shots until now) and I would like to have a feedback from you.

The adventure will be played by 4 new players with custom-made character. I modified the background for the players because I found the ones from standard characters a little bit too "invasive" in the story:

– A Ranger Halforc, Thokk: Saved by Gundren from an orphanage where he was mistreated now he is the bodyguard for the Rockseeker company, Gundren Especially. He heard about a cave but nothing more than that. He should be the one that keeps the company on track because he wants to save

– A Bard Gnome (female), Duvamil: She has the dream to become an adventurer but she knows that she wouldn't last long alone in the wilderness. She plays at the Tavern in Neverwinter for living. She's also a far granddaughter of Qelline Alderleaf, this should let the player get the job

A Sorcerer High Elf, Mindartis: He's a Noble, but since the first dragon scales showed up he decided to go adventuring in order to train his magic powers.

A Human Rogue, Blath: Always looking for money, jumps from a job to another

The story starts at Neverwinter's Tavern: Duvamil has just finished playing a song about the joy of adventuring that Blath listened disenchanted (knowing well what adventuring really is). It should start a quick conversation about what adventuring really is about; I cut the conversation at a certain point telling that a man enters and places a new paper on the Bulletin board regarding a job about escorting a wagon with the amount of money they will earn (possibly in a mischievous way so they think there will be more money). The Bulletin board also has an advice for the party of warmth that will take place at the market place in the evening and a job for great adventurers in Phandalin but no more info but to go to the Miner's exchange.

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Depending on what they decide to do they should end to the party on 2 occasions out of 3. Party of warmth is an old tradition where people of Neverwinter thank the gods for the temperate climate of the city. There they will meet Gundren, accompanied by Thokk and Sildar. If they accept the job from Gundren Mindartis comes in and asks what is that about, he already got the job; Gundren tells them that they all will be paid and to go to the main gate the next morning, Thokk will wait for them there. Gundren Takes his leave to start immediately for Phandalin and tells Thokk to stay with the players to set the last details.

Here is a sort of sandbox part where I set some very cool (in my opinion) activities with Dices (Farkle from Kingdom Come: Deliverance but I will probably put a couple more), Cards (3 Dragon-Ante) and Fights with fists. I also set up an obstacle race where players should start to get comfy with skill checks (I will put rules if you want to know them).

I think that the party is a very cool way to start the game in a more relaxed way and has a better climax that leads to the very first combat of the game. I took inspiration from Witcher's 3 DLC Heart of stone and Critical Role's first episode of campaign 2. I'm also planning to put a couple of Witcher 3 style contracts for monsters, so if you have any suggestions about what monsters use I will appreciate it.

Obviously you would ask: What if they want to go directly to Phandalin without going to the party?

Well, if they want to go to Phandalin they will find halfway Thokk and Mindartis that already took and started the job.

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What do you think? Could be a good start in your opinion? Let me know!

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