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A Multiplayer 3D Virtual Table Top

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hello everyone,

Id like to share a project i have been building over the last year for playing Dungeons and dragons online as during the pandemic my sessions of D&D and Pathfinder where postponed or moved to an online format, and i found some of the tools lacking.

After being accustomed to running large games with either tabletop terrain or a in table screen, i really missed the challenge of a 3D encounter so I set out to create a solution to recreate this atmosphere in an digital/online format.

Over the last 11 months I have been able to put together a fairly in-depth Virtual Tabletop that supports both building and running the role playing game of your choice.
Here are just a few of the features, a complete list can be found on the Steam store:

  • Procedural and sculpt-able terrain, Pre-built Rooms, spells and dynamic lighting allowing you to build intricate towns and cities or delve below as you create a dungeon on the fly when your party inevitably goes wildly off course.
  • A focus on high quality assets, advanced lighting effects, physics, and Dynamic weather to create an immersive 3D role playing experience, bringing the fantasy world into reality.
  • Hundreds of encounter and ambience soundtracks built in, with the ability to add your own tracks.
  • GM modes allow for detailed map building and game hosting allowing you to be in full control of what the players see
  • in game rulers, animated radius effects , spells and even 3d fog of war!
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At this stage, there are only a few features left to add and a final tune up it before it is ready for early access, but if you like what im building please check out the links to the Discord, sub Reddit and Steam store page if you want to see more content/learn more or stay up to date with the progress.

i hope this will aid other dungeon masters in Running there games in the socially distance worked we now live in.

Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1427700


Sub reddit: realmengine (reddit.com)

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClQ4K_3L_dn-8J-YyBCAW1w

Release Trailer:

Source: reddit.com

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