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A Paladin, Banshee and God walk into a bar. REALLY LONG STORY Apologies!!!!!

Content of the article: "A Paladin, Banshee and God walk into a bar. REALLY LONG STORY Apologies!!!!!"

So today in our session, we were tasked with taking a golden comb to a destroyed village in the attempt to interact with a banshee and locate a spell book four our wizard in the group. As we arrived into the village we follow a trail that leads to a small dome house. We entered the house and placed the comb in the middle of the room. This summoned the Banshee who was not pleased we were there but allowed one question to be asked. We use this opertunity to ask about the spell book and we discover the Banshee traded it 100 years ago to another wizard.

This is when our ranger elf decided he wanted to take back the comb without the Banshee noticing, he tasked our Rouge with this lets say unlikely to succeed task.

She rolled a Nat 1 and the Banshee was PISSED.

All 5 of us decide to get out of dodge and RUN!!!

THIS BANSHEE was on our ass for the entire path back to town.

Just as this Banshee was about to land a killing blow to the others in my party. I decide to use my Channel Divinity: Turn The Unholy. I Succeed and create a 30ft protection as we near the threshold that contains this Banshee. Just as we are 30ft away from the threshold, our DM decides to use the Banshee's ability which will damage anything in a 30 ft radius. I'm was safe due to my 30ft radius. However, my party who were in front of me were not so lucky. They all take a large amount of damage leaving our elf ranger with only 6HP.

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As a final ditch attempt to survive we decided that our elf will pick up our halfling to the threshhold.


Manages to get 15ft to the threshold when our elf collapses due to previous wounds.

Our Halfling still is able to move, she makes it past the threshold

Our dwarf has made it 5ft before the threshold

Our other dwarf went invisible as soon as the Banshee went crazy and just followed

So its now just Me(Paladin) and our elf who is on the floor.

I decided that I'm going to take this hit as I'm currently on full health at 31HP

I decide I want to call upon my god that I just bound my self too by Oath.

I face towards the Banshee that is halling as towards me and ROLL……

NAT 20!!!!!

The Banshee leaps towards me to deal a hefty blow and just as the claws touch my outstretched hand…..

The Banshee just evaporates into dust

My party notice from my left hand, a blinding light that disappeares as quick as it came.

Had my God answered my plead for help???

We finish up trying to wrap our heads around what just happened.

Our DM then decided to let us know that he rolled a fucking……

NAT 20 for the Banshee attack that would have hit if not for my NAT 20 religion roll. This MF would have done over 35 damage killing me on the spot.

Now I'm having an existential crisis as I believe duento my backstory that this god may not be the Good God I believe it to be so why did it help me and what does it want in return…….

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