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A player insulted Tiamat I I might need to kill him.

Content of the article: "A player insulted Tiamat I I might need to kill him."

I need advice. Tim, Joel, Melvin and Joseph, STOP READING. Pardon me for the long post, but here goes. I dm a group of four pcs. We get along really well and the campaign, though it is highly dramatic and somewhat dark, has been a lot of fun. A couple of sessions ago my players needed to get into a city that is under siege. To do this they found an ancient dwarven underground highway that led straight into the city. During that journey they rested on an enormous bridge over a dark chasm. There they saw a dragon flying past them, not caring about them. It wad just a little hint of what's to come. A couple of days into their stay in the city they heard rumors of bloody murders in the western hill ruins and decided yo investigate. There they found a dragon cult. After an extensive dungeon dive they ended up in a huge sanctum and a boss battle against a dragonborn sorcerer. Interesting stuff but nowhere near of what happened next. After looting the bodies and finding a chest with large amounts of gold the big statue of Tiamat, that stood ominous in the hall, began to speak. In my world the whole pantheon, good and bad, has been imprisoned by Vecna, who now rules supreme in the material world. However, the gods can communicate through certain locations like this sanctum. The threat of the gods is a big theme in the campaign and the players, who are just at level 4, have just started to gnaw at the surface. Now, my problem: Tim, a brutish dwarven paladin, who takes no shit from anyone immediately started insulting this god that they didn't know anything about. Tiamat obviously got furious and proceeded to make the sanctum cave in. After a dramatic sequence where two other players tried to save Tim, only to get stuck in the mess themselves, the floor collapsed and three out of four players fell inte a dark chasm. I ended the session there, and realized that I should have let Tim die right then and there. I didn't want to though because of something he had stated a couple of weeks before. He's a bit of a weird guy and stated that when his character is dead, he'll stop playing. He'll quit the game. Not rage quitting but he feels weird about it for some reason. So now they are falling into an ancient, abandoned dwarven city where a dragon has it's nest. A dragon they have seen. My intention was at first to make them face it at least 10 sessions from now but anything goes.

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Now, either I have the dragon kill Tim during the next session. Which sucks. To loose a player like that. Or I create a puzzle that lets them all get out alive, undermining the whole theme of the campaign and let the players know that the gods aren't really a threat. Please help. I don't know what to do!

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