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A player “sneaked” into what is basically the kings castle. What do I do?

Content of the article: "A player “sneaked” into what is basically the kings castle. What do I do?"

It was so out of left field that I don't know what to do.

The world is currently at war with supernatural creatures and the continent they are in has recently been plagued by attacks that have seemingly come from another continent (Supposedly the ones the players were sent by to gather information).

The capitol is a large walled city with homes and places made out of, or built in between, the roots of this enormous tree that sits in the center. Think Avatar: The Last Airbender swamp episode but this tree goes all the way past the clouds (according to wikipedia – 6,500ft just about). This tree is home to the inner important parts of the city such as military, mages, important nobles, and of course the King. The tree itself houses many things and has public areas but higher parts are private for higher up individuals.

The players made it to the capitol of this swamp/jungle continent. They went to this walled city and got in. At the gate they were asked to pay a toll and after learning from the last village, they told the guards the correct number of party members and paid for all of them. At the last village they didn't tell them about the extra party member in the woods. After a slaughter of people from the enemy continent from this member, the village figured it was safer to ask them to leave then risk them staying during a time of war.

That one party member always stealth's at least 60-100 feet away form the party in case of an ambush (ex military). This one chose not to go through the front gate and stay outside the city while the party continued forward into the capitol.

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But the party got out of range and instead of going through the front gate they went over the wall and into the clouds to stealth around everything and get in.

Now I should have said it wasn't possible. Due to the way the wall is set up and how far the forest is there shouldn't have been any cover in the first place. But I forgot out of shock in the moment and they rolled a 27 stealth and people have disadvantage to see them. I had them roll stealth checks throughout this climb, acrobatics to keep upright in the air, and perception a few in the cloud cover and once they got to the tree in order to not run into the flying creatures transporting goods in between the trees and avoid guard posts. Because why wouldn't this King think of this considering who the enemy is?

I already had some notes for the tree and knew that certain places had magical wards inside. But the player stayed outside and began slowly scaling down the tree from the outside. The outside had guards and flying creatures but also another handy feature. It had chameleon like large dragons that clung to the outside of the bark. Extremely hard to see and nearly indiscernible as long as they hold still.

I couldn't roll anything to see them at all no matter who rolled. But in my notes it said that these lesser dragons have blindsight out to a certain radius. I had them make a perception check and it was high enough to notice one shifting and catch it barely but not high enough to notice it before entering its radius. These things don't like to fight and will try there best to avoid it. But they are great for tracking, infiltration, and guarding.

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I was extremely worried about a tpk and didn't want the rest of the session be taken up like this. Following the lesser dragons nature, I had it alert someone to an intruder quietly after the PC left and followed them until they hit the ground and into the city.

The PC was caught and word will make it back to the king or at the very least a guard. The very paranoid king in the middle of a war with demon creatures and another continent. The king I have told players is very paranoid by not only a citizen of the city but by a head guard by the gate.

Problem is the players already had this problem. They didn't tell the, already wary, village about the other party member during a stressful time and when they showed up and "slaughter in the woods" style decimated the enemy, they were pretty afraid and concerned. So the party was just asked to leave the village and were told they could come back after the war.

The party is here to collect information on what's going on here. A third party is putting these two enemy continents against each other and hopefully they figure it out soon. One is already theorizing about it.

But this PC has been caught and doesn't know it yet. I even played it up out of game that no one could see them. I don't want it to destroy this quest line or kill the player but I don't know what to do. I could have the assistant to the King mention it in there meeting since he is part of that 3rd party plotting against both nations and thus throwing out the parties eligibility.

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But then what happens to the players? Put to death? They won't survive a combat encounter. This tree is the castle of the King. It isn't simple to sneak into because of a high stealth check. Or should it really be and I should just pretend the PC wasn't seen?

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