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A Player Wants a Homebrew Weapon…

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First time DM here. I have a player (Human Hexblade Warlock) at my table who was asking for a Homebrew magical weapon, but I’m not sure on the stats and abilities for it. Honestly, just from looking at it the weapon looks kind of broken, so I wanted to get some advice and maybe some ideas for how I can tame the weapon without gutting it.

The Implement of Entropy

The Implement of Entropy takes the original shape and stats of one weapon that the users choses from the players handbook or from a list that the DM allows. DM's discretion.

The Implement of Entropy has a max of 10 charges. It regains 5 charges every long rest.

Time turner Cost: 1 charge Cast time: Bonus action Re-roll any attack or skill roll (not damage roll) as long as the the origenal roll was not a natural 1.

Decay Cost: 2 charge Cast time: Bones (must be declared before attack) Add 1d6 necrotic damage to any damage rolls this turn.

Nullify Cost 2 charges Cast time: Reaction Negate an attacker (including any subsuquent effects due to the attack(s) hitting). Must be used after attack is declared but before DM says if it hits for misses.

Armor of Entropy Cost: 2 charges Effect: +2 to AC. Duration: 1 hour Cast time: One turn A shimmering layer of distorted light covers the user the user. The layer immediately slows any attack giving you the user extra time to react.

***** user can spend 1 extra charge to extend the protection to anything that is touching at the time, however that other person(s) or thing(s) immediately loses their protection as soon as they are no longer touching the user. The user would need to expend another charge if they wanted to extend the protection again.

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Disruption Cost: 4 charges Duration: 1 hour (+) User can designate a 15 x 15 ft radius in which time moves up to four times faster or slower for a Max of 1 hour. Duration can be extended at a rate of 1 charge per hour until user runs out of charges. Effect immediately ends if user takes a long rest or is rendered unconscious.

Form Folly Cost: 5 charges Duration: 1 hour At the beginning of each turn the user can declare the form the instrument of entropy will take until the beginning of their next turn. The user may choose from the players handbook or from a list that the DM allows. DM's discretion. Until the beginning of the user's next turn the Implement of entropy takes the shape and stats of the declared weapon.

Entropy's Kiss Cost: 8 charges Duration: 2 turns Concentration One creature within a 30-foot radius. For the next two turns must make a saving throw DC= 10+ spell-casting modifier. On a successful save: spell is broken but creature has disadvantage on any attacks they make this turn. On failed save: creature is frozen and can not act this turn.

*** as long as spell is active the AC of both user and Target are halved and their movement speed is reduced

Background: This player was the DM for the first campaign we played. During one session most people cancelled last minute, so I proposed to run an improv one shot for the 2 players that were there. The one shot was your basic fetch quest (Find le super weapon), but where it gets screwy is that instead of giving the weapon to the final person they stole the weapon and ran off. Fast forward and now I am DM, and the previous players wants to bring back his old character. The character that had the OP magic weapon. Now I have to find some sort of stats for it that are reasonable, but still fun.

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