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A player wants to embed an artifact into his character’s body

In my cyberpunk-ish homebrew world that I've been DMing for over a year, the player characters have risen into power along with their character levels. They are now level 15 and are on the brink of entering the elite of individuals that rule the world.

One of the PCs is of a cyborg race (think warforged, but with human-like pseudoderm above its metal plating). He's a moon druid 10/totemic barbarian 5. He came across one of the world's artifacts, equivalent to the Orb of Dragonkind, but a bit more powerful. Said PC failed his Wisdom save and is now charmed by the orb, having become a greedy bastard that wants to be on top of everyone else (as he should, he is knocking it out the park with his roleplaying).

Going along with his newfound greed and his desire to keep the orb close to himself, he decided to look for ways to safeguard it against people who would take it away from him. Mind you that this world is one of evolved technology, with robotics and genetics making transhumanism a thing for the average population. So, with all of this in mind, he came up with the following idea:

He wants to make the artifact a part of his own body.

At first, he thought the orb was small enough to embed it onto his hand or chest area, but I described it to him that it's the size of a basketball, as it was forged out of the eye of one of the world's true dragons. That didn't stop him, so what he wanted to do was to replace his whole abdomen with the orb.

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Think Seth from Street Fighter

Now, that is something that's entirely possible in such a world as described. However, I'm not entirely sure about what effects would embedding an intelligent artifact into your own body would have on you. I'm leaning towards doing such a thing meaning that he completely abdicates the ability to end his attunement with it and being in a permanent charmed state as long as the artifact remains a part of him. I'm also leaning towards him slowly losing himself to the will of the orb, since, with him and the artifact becoming one and the same physically, that would eventually happen mentally and spiritually as well.

Fellow DMs, would you be so kind as to advise me in such a conundrum? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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