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A ring for your adventures – The Ring of Shadow Jumping

Got a little bored with some of the standard magical items and made my own. It's a simple item by itself but it's when there's two or more in play that things become interesting.

Ring of Shadow Jumping


3 times per 24 hours, the wearer may "jump" (teleport) from any shadow to any shadow within sight. As long as the player can see the shadow, they can jump there.

Optional Rule: if the ring is too powerful, you can rule that night time, caves, etc. is one big shadow and that only shadows created by objects (walls, trees, etc.) are legitimate shadows. This would render the ring useless at night, inside caves, inside dark rooms unless a shadow can be seen outside of the room from inside, and so on.

The nature of the ring is such that it appears to be a normal ring of (normal) teleportation. However, when two Rings of Shadow Jumping are activated within the same round, both players are transported into a shadowy world.

The Shadow World

The shadow world is effectively a mirror of the current realm/plane that the players were inhabiting with a few twists.

  1. Light is dark and dark is light to the players.
  2. All people and objects are shadows with wisps of shadow "energy" emanating from them.
  3. Players appear to plane natives as forms of light (distort those forms as you please but generally speaking, they should be either humanoid or a flare-like appearance). This light can be hidden by objects from the shadow world. For example, wrapping oneself in a "shadow blanket."
  4. Players can interact normally with any object in the shadow world.
  5. If a player comes into "naked skin" contact with an object in the shadow world, player takes one point of damage per round (see below).
  6. Sounds are slightly muffled.
  7. Other things you wish to insert to make it more immersive.
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Depending on your campaign, the players could be received as "normal," deities, demons, angels, etc. and may face attempts to worship or attack.

Leaving the Shadow World

Leaving the shadow world is easy. Just use the ring to jump. Any items the players picked up remain in their inventory and no longer cause them damage on contact.

Players will return to their regular world with the same amount of time passing and in the same location as when they left.

Leaving the shadow world does not take a charge from the ring.

Shadow World Items

Weapons taken from the shadow world should be counted as unbreakable +1 magic weapons and are immune to all magic from the player's world. They cannot be unenchanted, additionally blessed, etc.

Raw materials can be used in crafting to create objects which, in addition to regular properties, are more difficult to track with eyesight. Items created from shadow raw materials do not gain any bonus or unbreakable stats.

Clothing, etc. from the shadow world are additionally immune to scrying but are not immune to area magical effects or normal things like fire, water, etc.

No item from the shadow world is indestructible.

Additional "fun" effects may be added. For example, dust of dryness when reverse could cause the water to be non-useful for drinking but otherwise unchanged. The limit here is your imagination.

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