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A simple line-by-line text showing webpage

Content of the article: "A simple line-by-line text showing webpage"

Hello there!

When it comes to DMing, I've learned that I like to rewrite some scenes, descriptions, or moments. Whether it is meeting with their god, dream, or entering first time into this awesome place. Since English is not my primary language, I prefer to think this stuff ahead of time, because I might mess it up if I have to think about that stuff on the spot.

However, because of my recent eye sickness, I have found that reading large lines of text in my OneNote can be tiring, I lose spot where I am and might literally have a problem reading stuff down. But being a programmer, I searched a solution, and eventually realized that I have to create a solution myself.

Made this: https://dnd.matthewdamson.com/linebyline.php

Basically, you can drop your walls of text there, and it will break it down into lines that you can go through with either clicking on edge or using arrow keys (arrows are prob the best).

So general idea is that I paste stuff there, move it into separate browser windows, make it wide but not tall and move it directly below the camera, so I can read it. And hey, since I place it there, it even feels like I am watching into the camera, not searching desperately material.

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I did try to include some other helpful things (like Spotify support, to make sure you remember to change the music when shit hits the fan), but it's not that great.

Either way, thought if I should share, but ended up deciding that if someone else is like me and finds it useful, then that's good and I'll call it epic winning!

If you have special requests and that is not an insane thing to do (related to this site), feel free to suggest them. No promises, but I might.

PS: It does have a dark mode at the bottom left.

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