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A sort of success story

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Well, I had posted here sometime ago I think on my throwaway. My best friend wanted to introduce severely adult themes like certain sexual acts, wanted to be able to take lots of time to torture people, and was generally being an asshole. Aside from the in game torture, the rest of it was private conversation. All, I said I was uncomfortable with, and said not to do in game. The torture thing the table handled with the barbarian raging and kicking him off the guy.

In the previous to last session, he thought a player was cheating and openly accused her. She was the only success on a frightening presence from an adult dragon. (I trust her explicitly) and again privately I said not to do it again. He said her character felt too strong and "broken" to him. For the record she is a sun soul monk, very not OP. He asked since him and his wife felt weaker for an extra level for them or to nerf her to make things feel more even. I said absolutely not, essentially quit being a baby, you built your character weak, I offered help, deal with it.

So, this was their first campaign, and I insisted on helping with character creation. They rebuffed me, and made their characters. Cool concepts, but weak standard array, and at level 4 again offered help with ASIs and feats, again, rebuffed.

So given all that, and I pointed it out, I said he's either gotta play nice, or if he does any of those again he's gotta find a different table. He opted for the latter. His wife probably won't play dnd again. I think the game for her just isn't for her, but him, what he said he wanted, the things he did in game, it made me see him in a different light. I was only asking him to not be an asshole.

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I'll be starting to distance myself from my former best friend. He married his now wife, and I can see it now, because he is a control freak. She is just learning English as a second language. I get it now. He's an ass, and he's not a good person. I only asked that he be nice, and that was a bridge too far. I firmly believe you can judge a person based on the character of their friends, and i don't want to be judged in the same light as him.

This is a 21 year friendship. Each time we hung out it was because I reached out. The only effort for me to distance myself from this friendship is for me to start distancing myself from him. I won't be asking what he's up to on the weekend, I won't inquire on anything. In the week since this went down, I've cried more than once about it. But I outgrew my best friend.

My group, they took the departure well. We had our first session since their departure, and it was our best session by far. My group consists of 2 veterans and a total noob. They mesh so well together, I'm amazed. I want to add a fourth, but even if I don't I'm totally happy with how my group stands. Just take off a couple hit die from a few monsters and we're good to go.

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