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A Tail of Two Taverns. First draft of my very first Oneshot adventure! I would love some suggestions and hope you could share some stories if you try it out.

Recently, I've decided to start writing oneshot adventures and giving them out for free. I have an early first draft of my very first public oneshot ready to go. This version is fresh off the press and I will be running it myself for the first time soon. This is a work-in-progress, so I would love to hear your ideas and see if you run into any of the same problems I do. Any feedback is appreciated! I would especially love to know if you changed anything to make it run better for your party.

Everything is provided for free in high resolution. The maps come in different variants depending on how you like to use your maps (plain/lighting, grid/nogrid) Do with it what you will. If you like the maps and not the story then feel free to use them however you like.

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A Tail of Two Taverns


The party's adventure is interrupted by a drunken brawl in the streets. Once again, passionate patrons of The Cat Eye Tavern and The Cat Tail Tavern have provoked a confrontation about which tavern is best. Kerwin Bengal, Captain of the Guard has a solution: an ale tasting competition between the two taverns.

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The party is invited to help each tavern gather the best ingredients for the finest ale. Unfortunately, the ingredients have an unexpected side-effect: the judges of the competition are turned into feisty felines!

Can the party help the make an antidote in time? Will one tavern be named best? Can cats be herded? Find out in this one-shot adventure!


This adventure consists of 3 scenes in 2 locations and should run approximately 2-4 hours long. It is written for 4 players of 3rd level. The adventure can be easily scaled to meet your needs.

The story can be incorporated directly into your campaign or run as an individual session. Small parts of the story are left open. You are encouraged to add your own loot or encounters in these areas.

Characters in this adventure are simple to role-play and require minimal preparation. It is recommended to read through the entire adventure before starting your session.

Maps are provided with this adventure. The locations are simple in design and can be easily recreated to match your needs.

Combat tactics are provided but can be followed loosely.



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