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A tale of my favourite DnD moment.

Content of the article: "A tale of my favourite DnD moment."

Prelude: About two years ago we decided to start a new group so my wife could try her hand at RPGs. Problem was that I wasn't comfortable DMing for her, and none of the other two had any experience. One of them volunteered anyway.

Now I love this man. I was best man at his wedding, but as a roleplayer he is unimpressive at best. I offered to coach him, but had you asked me to put money on the success of this campaign, and him as DM I would have… lost every damn penny.

Sure he's dyslexic, dyscalculic, and I help him with a lot of the rules, but as a DM he is amazing, and tonight he graduated my DM-college. The student became the master.

The setup: We've been working with a morally questionable but very powerful Wizard since level 3, and we are now level 11. Our Gnome Wizard especially loves him, and his Library. They hang out in downtime, he has built a tower in our town, and he's always been a rock solid ally. We all like him, and we accept that he has secrets we probably don't want to know.

We've done missions to thwart his nemesis, a Necromancer, and about five sessions ago we finally killed that douche in a very close fight that almost TPKed us.

Two sessions ago we found out he's now a Lich, and we ran home to daddy Wizard seeking guidance.

Daddy Wizard (DW) gives us the rundown on Liches, which is terrible and we have basically no chance at the moment. DW takes out a magic amulet, hands it to the Gnome Wizard, and tells him to break it if we're ever in a "We're going to die now, guaranteed" situation.

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The session: Then tonight, entirely unrelated to this plot or the Lich, we get in some very serious trouble, the rest of us are fine but the Gnome is going to die, and he panics. He breaks the amulet, despite our many many protests about using our only defence against the Lich on this. I can reincarnate him, but the player doesn't want to be some random race, and goes through with it.

The amulet breaks.

A disembodied voice speaks.

"Dear Friend. It saddens me that you are about to draw your final breath, as I've thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I've valued our conversations, our studies, and our experiments together (…)"

No help coming, just a goodbye message. DW was not going to mess with no Lich. Complete silence for three seconds, and the table explodes in laughter. Gnome dies while the rest of us are desperately gasping for air.

The look on the Gnome players face, as the DM read out the passionate goodbye from his good friend and mentor, a mix of laughter, appreciation and complete betrayal, while his character died, will stay with me for years to come.

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