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A Team based gladiatorial hunger games 2-3 shot game idea (feed back needed)

Content of the article: "A Team based gladiatorial hunger games 2-3 shot game idea (feed back needed)"

I have had this half baked idea for a while i would love some feed back. I normal lean to the social pillar of the game but this idea definitely leans on the combat and exploration pillars. My hope is this kinda game would let player explore other classes they have wanted to play but have not got to as well get some progression.

So Basically the idea some cosmic entity kidnaps people to play a deadly gladiatorial game, think Mojo / Hunger Games. I want the game to be around 2-3 sessions.


  • Players would all roll up new characters (as well a level plan)
  • They would be placed in a team together and the rules would be explained to them before be doped in the starting area of a decent sized map a few miles at least.
  • the DM would also roll up a few teams for them to compete against who start in other section of the map
    • Probably need to make a table for how they behave
  • At the center of the map is the boss who ever kills it wins
  • Around the map are very generous cashes of loot and potions magic items and even orbs that grant level ups. you will need these to beat the boss
    • Also you might find clues about the boss or scrying stones to spy on other teams or locate more cashes on the map.
  • these would be guarded by traps or monsters maybe puzzles or other teams waiting in ambush
  • Also Killing another team would grant a level or something
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The Dm has a lot of work up front setting up the map and tables but the game should more are less run itself after that.

My concerns are that it slows to a hex crawl my experience with the exploration with pillar has been kinda slow.

I also need to find a way to add a ticking clock and ratchet up the tension. Maybe at night the boss leave it home and hunts or i could just steal the closing storm thing from those battle royal game.

I love the narrative which I feel like would be sacrificed does winning really mean anything I guess maybe you could play again at a higher level.

dose it sound fun or dose it miss the point of dnd trying to game-ify it to much?

I would love some feed back get the idea rounded out a bit.

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