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A true DM vs Players campaign

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I'm starting a new campaign as a filler for our groups normal campaigns, and I wanted some feedback to see if I missed anything or if anyone else had some ideas. Our other games are fairly high stakes, so the running joke is that all of the DMs are trying for a TPK, so we decided to go for it.

Every session should end in a TPK, so no real story, my time will instead be used making characters for them. Below are the initial rules ice given them:

To clarify some things, and if you have any issues, go ahead and let's talk about them so it's as fun as possible.

  1. Experience is per PLAYER based on damage done.

  2. There will also be experience for assists (i.e. giving advantage, healing, etc.)

  3. Puzzles will give PARTY experience.

  4. Experience is carried between a players characters.

  5. Your last choice upon death is to make one item magic for your next character

5.a. You will pick the item and how it is generally powered up.

5.b. I will pick a curse of some sort to add as well. It may or may not activate.

5.c. There will be no limit to the number of magical items you can use at a time.

5.d. Some items may change their attributes to be useful to your new characters form/class

  1. If the Labyrinthian horror catches up to your party, you will have to fight it (and probably be killed) or escape the room.

6.a If you are killed by the horror, you lose 1d4+1 magic items /gain a malus for the next character.

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6.b. The horror knows where you are at all times.

6.c. The horror will only move between rooms when you do.

Below are some things I haven't told them:

  1. The horror will only go through one closed door at a time, but open doors will not hinder it.

  2. Critical hits against them will prompt a d100 for scar damage

2.a. Minor body parts (eyes, ears, fingers) will be lost, causing a permanent malus

2.b. Major body parts (limbs mostly) will gain a malice the first time, and be lost the second time.

2.c. If the roll is to hit a major part that has been lost, the attack misses instead.

  1. Some puzzles will have multiple solutions, allowing them to skip between rooms.

Obviously I'm going for a rogue-like experience. They will be able to play as normal PCs as well as monsters such as Lamia, Gnolls, mindflayers, Gith, Ogres, etc. As they level up.

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