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A Wizard Who Loves to Cook…

As the title suggests, my current party has a wizard in it who is a chef. He built his character around it, and loves role playing his cooking. Its great and all, but he wants to start using magic in his meals which presents a weird problem. Adding magic to food isn't really a thing in D&D, at least not that I've really noticed. There are several ways to approach this within the rules themselves:

First we could use flavor text. The food could be a means of delivering a spell (like a pastry used to deliver a charm person spell), or something magical attached to the food (like Dust of Deliciousness). This adds some value to it, but still removes the whole food prep idea. It feels more like dipping food into a magical mix of drugs, and then handing it to an unsuspecting NPC…

A second option is use spells that target food. Purify food and drink or create food and water fit this category perfectly. They run into the same problem… they don't lend to the interest of cooking. They have a functional purpose but that is pretty much it.

Heroes feast, on the other hand, is a perfect example of good rewarding cooking. It gives the party benefits, it feeds them, and it has plenty of room for creativity within its presentation. It is a sixth level spell though… and on top of that only Clerics and Druids can cast it. Additionally it feels random… The party doesn't really produce meals, then suddenly one day… "BAM, I used magic to make a majestic feast!" If a party member does produce meals regularly before this, then why do their magically capabilities in that area lack greatly up until this point. All that to say this is what I wanted to remedy.

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Below is a magical homebrew item I made to help my party's wizard out. Its a cookbook that he acquired from a legendary chef in one of our recent cities. I'll skip all the flavor text I put before this, but here is what it does:

Reading this book gives the following benefits:

  • As long as you are in possession of this book you gain proficiency in the “Nature” skill. Additionally any Nature or Investigation checks used to identify the traits of cooked foods, spices, powders, leaves, or deceased meat have Advantage. If you spend the time to read this book 5 times (75 hours), you permanently gain these bonuses without needing the book anymore.
  • You can now cook foods with traits. Doing so requires arcane practice and culinary expertise to perfect, but an accomplished cook like you should have no issues. If you discover a food or ingredient with a trait it may be added to a dish, but it requires extra magic to unlock. The following rules apply:

    • The ingredient is consumed in the creation of the new food.
    • The food must be consumed within 2 hours of its creation to pass on its benefits.
    • A spell slot equal to the number of added traits is spent to create the dish (so a two trait dish would consume a second level spell slot, and so on).
    • A dish can serve up to 8 creatures.
    • Anyone who consumes the dish gains its benefits for 24 hours.
    • A creature can only benefit from one food at a time. If more then one special food is consumed by a creature, then only the last consumed food’s benefits remain.
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This gives him some fun options for cooking while also presenting a creative chance for him to be inventive. Just about anything he finds can have a special trait to it- monster parts, spices, plants, you name it. As a DM I get to constantly give him potential bonuses, but he needs to decide when and how to use it. Some parts may give +5HP, poison resistance, advantage on wisdom saves… the possibilities are endless. The opposite can also be true, so poisoning an enemy is a real possibility.

This is a homebrew item that could be fun to use in your campaign if you have someone who likes cooking. Hope someone finds it useful 🙂

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