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A year ago the Changeling stole the boat, very soon I’ll get the chance for revenge

Content of the article: "A year ago the Changeling stole the boat, very soon I’ll get the chance for revenge"

The cast: My DM, literally the best I've ever had. He spends huge amounts of time making his world and learning the lore of Faerún. The Changeling, played by a guy I've grown to like and consider a friend. Me, playing a Bard Sailor: Alejandro. The Wavecutter, a ship the party came into the ownership of. Alejandro often claimed it was his, despite it belonging to the party as a whole.

The rest of the players don't require further description at this time.

TL;DR Changeling stole my Bard's Sailing ship. The DM wants our characters to kiss and make up, but my Bard wants to murder the Changeling. I, the player, don't want to ruin the DM's night, but it depends on how the Changeling roleplays.

The Story: The party was on the ship and had just recieved critical information regarding the reappearance of Princess Raedra Obarskyr. The young princess had not been seen since the usurper King slaughtered the previous King Obarskyr, and the royal family.

We set sail for Suzail, determined to stop the BBEG & the puppet king from harming Raedra. We realized we needed a faster method of Travel, so our Leader, the Warlock, and myself would teleport directly to the King's castle on a possible suicide run. We left the Changeling with our ship, our crew, the Artificer PC, and Meyrin Darkdance, an NPC who was with us.

We had agreed to reconvene at a bar in Suzail if we survived.

The Changeling dropped off the Artificer & then elected to steal our ship, and sailed off with the NPC to accomplish her own mission.

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The Changeling remains an important background character in the game. Alejandro swore that if he ever finds the Changeling again he will kill him.

Fast forward a year IRL. The Artificer is the first to encounter the Changeling again, though he had changed form. He is the only PC who knows the current identity of the Changeling, but has not shared this information with the party.

Fast forward, 5 or so months later, to last night Alejandro met the Meyrin Darkdance again. She was now an epic level caster. Alejandro now has a lead, and is about to enter a side quest to find the Changeling.

IRL, the DM is hoping to have us work together to achieve a greater goal, and the Changeling's player is suggesting to buy off Alejandro with 500k Gold. Not a bad haul at all.

The problem is I, as the Player, can't allow Alejandro to kill the Changeling, as that could destroy something the DM is cooking up. However, I also can't stop my Bard from getting revenge.

The Wavecutter was the first ship Alejandro ever captained, it was his home. And the Changeling was an ally and a friend. For him, the betrayal cuts deeper than any wound.

But me, as the player, would gladly accept their reconciliation for the sake of group cohesion.

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