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AAR of my first supporter session!

This was a short introductory game I ran for my supporters on discord where they mostly met each other and began the plotline, as well as simply enjoyed some atmosphere.

Our adventure in our patron and supporter discord began with four adventurers meeting in a small road-stop called "Ashley Holt's stop and shop" that offered bear stew, a drink that the innkeeper miss Ashley (Not missus, she's quick to correct you) calls Cherry Fire and brews herself (She offers a platinum piece to anyone who can finish an entire insulated mug of the stuff), and a warm place by the fire.

A group of unknown heroes gathers at Holt's establishment for food on their way to the frontier:

Ivey the tiefling, who was raised by a forest spirit and is unused to the world of mortals.

Winifred "Winston" the Seventeenth, a spellcasting gnome hoping to start her own establishment.

Droxa Eralin, a silver Dragonborn, a sailor who has seen the world and hopes to settle down at last.

Figari Newton the halfling, and her cousins, Haynie, Greta and Fidden, all headed off to the frontier to try and make Westwatch a better place.

Droxa chatted up Ashley at the bar, inquiring how things were going until a commotion outside drew the innkeeper away, causing Droxa to move to talk to the halflings. Ivey sat at a nearby table, on her third bowl of stew, and Winston was studying her books over some food and drink.

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As they enjoyed the afternoon, they heard shouting from outside, a man could be seen from the windows screaming at the innkeeper about debts and threatening to burn the inn to the ground. Unimpressed, Ashley tells him to go to hell and he leaves in a huff. Droxa and Figari inquire what that was about and she informs them that during the recent battles, several groups of prisoners escaped from one side or another and are causing troubles in the area. This drew the attention of Winston, who asked if she could help. Ashley directed them to Andersen's Ranch, a place that has struggled with them in the past, and directs them to Ivey, saying that a seven foot tall Tiefling might have a few tricks to help them.

Figari went to Ivey, who had been too busy focusing on her food to notice the troubles going on. When Ashley and Figari explained that bad men were coming to hurt the people there, Ivey paid and agreed to help. The four then headed off to Andersen's Ranch.

Ivey proved instrumental at discovering what had happened to the place, using her skills to speak to a horse, who informed her that bad men had come from the forest and burned down several buildings. When Ivey asked if the horse could show her to the place they came from, the horse agreed. Nervous about interactions, Ivey asked Figari to ask a local stablehand about borrowing the horse.

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Figari asked and rolled the first natural 20 of the game, which caused the stablehand to tell Figari that they could keep the horse if they stopped the bandits. Delighted, Ivey mounted the horse and the group set off for the bandits' lair, beginning their adventures in Westwatch.

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