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Abandon all creative solutions ye who enter here

Content of the article: "Abandon all creative solutions ye who enter here"

Be me DM of mafia campaign set in a world with a 1920s aesthetic

Party are new recruits to the Whistlers, the Aarakocran mafia

Party assassinates someone running for Alderman to have their own man put in.

Whistlers has rival human gang member set up to take the fall.

Human goes free. Direct order from Mayor.

"Oh shit, the mayor is in the Human Mob's pocket."

Whistlers have control of a doppelganger.

Capo tells the party to go to the mayor's mansion and replace the mayor with the doppelganger.

Hands them a folder with info on the mayor's mansion including guard routes, front gate, and floor layout.

The patrols are pretty tight but there are lapses. Still, I expect them to go fly through the attic window and take her while she's sleeping.

Party notices the front gate has a guard post that opens and closes the gate.

Only one guard at that post

Party remembers they have a doppelganger.

Party spends about 15 minutes in character discussing their plan to knock out the guard at the gate, replace him with the doppelganger, and wait for the mayor to come home.

They plan on taking her without ever entering the gate.

I hadn't considered this but hearing their plan I was pretty much going to let it work, barring a few deception and stealth checks.

While they roleplay amongst themselves I sneak away to grab a drink.

Come back and they say, "Ok, we're ready."

DM: Great! Whats the first thing you do?

Party leader: We drive the car around to the road behind the mansion.

DM: Ok.

PL: We fly over the hedge.

DM, confused: OK?

PL: And land here.

PL indicates to a spot in the corner of the yard that will always be in view of one of two guards.

DM: really?

PL: Yeah.

DM: All of you?

Party nods

DM: OK. You're spotted immediately and an alarm is raised. Roll initiative

They end up killing 2 guards, the other 3 run. The mayor is alerted and escapes. The party hears sirens coming and books it.

The next day security on the house is doubled.

I still don't know what made them abandon the first plan. When I asked why they didn't do that one they all just shrug.

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