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Aberrant Mind is the most fun I’ve ever had with a sorcerer!

Sorcerer has long been my favourite class because of the shenanigans of metamagic, but playing it has always felt like a struggle against the mechanics to make interesting builds work because of the limited spells known. Especially if you're the only main caster and need to dedicate slots for crucial utility spells as well. Too often I felt like the fun of metamagic just didn't justify the tiny toolbelt when compared to other casters.

But with psychic spells I can have the best of both worlds! Choosing two spells extra from divination and enchantment every other level for a total of ten(!) at 9th level adds SO much freedom to the class it is insane. And you can pick anything from the wizard and warlock spell list too! On top of a killer bard spell at level 1. The 6th level feature puts the whole class into overdrive. Suddenly I have detect magic at my fingertips for a sorc point. A couple of enemies getting up in my face? Let me twin dissonant whispers at 2 sorc points for 6d6 and watch them waste their actions trying to catch up to me again if they're still standing. I get to cast all those juicy enchantment spells as a subtle spell without the point cost, and except for counterspell those are the only ones I'd ever want it for, so really I have three metamagics all of a sudden. And I can use other metamagics on top of it too! Twinned subtle suggestion is the shit! Can't wait until 9th level and modify memory in social settings. At 10th with picking heighten I can give them disadvantage to save against a spell no one even knows is being cast.

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The new feats are also really good. I picked up Fey Touched at 4th for 1 CHA and the free misty step and divination spell (Gift of Alacrity for the initiative boost.) And on top of the free cast per long rest it lets you cast them with slots too?? For a half feat!! Suddenly I'm a 6th level sorcerer with 15 spells known and living the dream. I've made a baller utility caster and still had room for all the blasting potential I'd ever want.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is how good the new 5th level sorcerer ability actually is. I felt a lot of people looked at it and kinda went "meh" but it really makes you the ultimate controller. Re-rolling a shitty stealth check or persuasion roll is nice, sure, but where it really shines is initiative, Dispel Magic and Counterspell. Because those count as ability checks you can re-roll them for ONE measly sorc point. On top of Gift of Alacrity it means I'm always near the top of initiative even with a 14 DEX, reliably giving me the chance to use high impact spells like hypnotic pattern to define entire encounters.

And Dispel Magic and Counterspell? Jesus christ is it good. Re-rolling with a +5 CHA means you can reliably negate high level spells late game while still using the 3rd level slot and 1 sorc point. The spell economy of that is absolutely bonkers!

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This is by far the most fun I've ever had playing a caster in DnD. Maybe even the most fun I've had with the game, period!

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