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Abishai Playable Race?

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I am currently writing a homebrew campaign where the main theme is Bahamut versus Tiamat. The main hope will be that the players team up with Bahamut in the final fight, but the whole idea of the campaign will be that the players get to choose which side to follow. Basically, there will be two places for the party to accept jobs to get paid for. The guild and the Cult that is secretly for Tiamat (There is more to this cult that I can explain if you need/want more detail). The guild will give them what you would expect from D&D, bad guy causing bad things, go stop them. But the Cult will hire them to be the bad guy and to cause bad things with each of those missions having a fun and interesting spin on how the enemy would come up with plans, get the materials, and execute the plans.

I will have basically the KOTR moral system where each job completed from each side will be taken into account as to whether the campaign is good, evil, or neutral. Now the perks of each side are fairly obvious, but I was thinking about giving the players some cool stuff for not being neutral and my idea for the evil route is that the people in charge of the Cult are Abishai, the elite workers under the direct servitude of Tiamat herself. So the idea is that the Abishai were once mortals that were awarded extra power by Tiamat for serving her well, so if the party gets a high enough level in the Cult, they get offered the position of becoming Abishai themselves and take over the cult for Tiamat. The only thing I am wondering is how I would want to do this. So I just want to hear your thoughts. My general ideas are either to have them change their race and overwrite their previous racial benefits, add it to their race so they keep their old race and tack on the Abishai race and benefits, a power up were the Abishai part is cosmetic and they just gain the powers of the Abishai, or a transformation were they choose what race they are at any given moment and can switch using an action or bonus action or something. What are your thoughts? Also, if they were to be playable races, what sort of stats and abilities would you give them?

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