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About 14th level Illusion wizard’s “Illusory Reality”

Content of the article: "About 14th level Illusion wizard’s “Illusory Reality”"

Illusory Reality is the arcane tradition ability illusion wizards get at 14th level, the wording of the ability is the next:

By 14th level, you have learned the secret of weaving shadow magic into your illusions to give them a semireality. When you cast an illusion spell of 1st level or higher, you can choose one inanimate, nonmagical object that is part of the illusion and make that object real. You can do this on your turn as a bonus action while the spell is ongoing. The object remains real for 1 minute. For example, you can create an illusion of a bridge over a chasm and then make it real long enough for your allies to cross.

The object can't deal damage or otherwise directly harm anyone.

The wizard of the party I'm a DM for is practically one session away from 14th level and this ability has already created enough discussion in the party, discussion I would like to have ended once the wizard can actually use this ability.

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My first question is, what does the spell mean "Inanimate"? What I think it does is something that's not alive but Illusions never create living stuff, the clones of mirror image are just optical Illusions and the dragon from Illusory Dragon isn't really a dragon but something made out of " threads of shadow material from the Shadowfell", I guess to those two wouldn't count as "objects" but I don't know, you can really push that. So what this leaves is that you can just make an illusory rat with minor illusion and have it come to life and such.

My other question is about what does the wording mean by "nonmagical", because as I see it, every Illusion is pretty much magical and I have no response to this other than you can make an illusory vorpal sword and make it real.

My last question about this ability is "The object can't deal damage or otherwise directly harm anyone." Some illusions like phantasmal killer and shadow blade already deal damage, does that mean that if you make them real they can no longer do so? Also, what does it mean by "directly"? I guess that it means that you can create the illusion of a fireball and make it deal damage (which seems pretty direct) but what about illusions of things that can deal damage indirectly like using illusory terrain to create the illusion of spikes or other illusions like that.

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Those are basically my doubts about this ability, also if this should be posted on the weekly question thread tell me an I'll move it there, it just seemed to long for me to post it there.

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