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About to run my first duet and unsure about balance

Content of the article: "About to run my first duet and unsure about balance"

Hello ! I'm a fairly new DM, started playing the game in March, and next week I'll be running my first duet, which is both exciting and bit scary. To add to that, it'll be with someone who's never played before, my first time DMing in english and my first time playing phyiscally, as I've only played online so far. I'm kinda anxious about all this, I want to make sure it goes well but the odds are a bit stacked right now !

After looking online a bit, and finding some duet adventures that I didn't really enjoy, I've decided I'll run Dragon of Icespire Peak, scaled down to one PC. The first time will be a couple of the first quests, and if my friend enjoys it, I guess we'll keep playing this adventure ! I'm still unsure if this is a proper start though. I'm unsure about the pacing and the difficulty of it.

My friend and I already created her character, an Aasimar Cleric from the Nature domain. Because of that, and because I know she will need at least one sidekick, I suggested she chose a pet companion. I've limited her options to CR 1 beasts, so she doesn't end up with a dinosaur or even a saber-toothed tiger, but she can still have a functional sidekick. Is that something that could work ?

In case it's not enough (or if she picks a pet that can't fight), I'm also planning on using the sidekicks included in the Essential Kit. Either one of two, I don't if there's a sensible amount. From what I understand, it's important that the sidekicks don't take the spotlight away from the PC. I was thinking about either having some sort of writer sidekick, following the PC to take notes and show the common people what it's like to be a "servant of gods", thus letting the PC take all the major decisions. Or simply some sort of protector, sent by the temple to protect the cleric PC on her quest to spread the word of her god.
What would be better ideas to fit in a sidekick following the PC without stealing the scene from them ? Having a believable world is something I'm really focused on, so all ideas are welcome.

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I'm really open to any suggestions and advice !

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