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About to run my first online game this weekend…

Content of the article: "About to run my first online game this weekend…"

We'll be running the game with discord and theater of the mind rather than a VTT. In the couple of days before gametime, I always get really nervous and focused to the point of borderline obsession. This time, I am especially nervous.

I'm an old head, learning on first edition in the 80's, but online is a brave new world for me. My weekly games died in February and I was lucky to get invited to an online game by my neighbor two weeks ago. In a twist, after two sessions as a player he asked me to take over as a DM (he's an older head and forever DM who learned on basic and advanced). As a forever DM (and a really good one), he hasn't been able to play for years. So now I am stepping in to DM for an established group that has played together for over a decade with one DM. The normal pre-session one pressure is suffocating given the new medium, the months of rust on my DMing skills, and how concerned I am about making a good enough impression to become a permanent member of this group.

I have dozens of sessions under my belt and people say I am very good at running the game. But I always approached my neighbor as my guru. I like him every bit as much as his wife doesn't like me. I look up to him, honestly. He's also the only person I know that I think is definitely a better DM than me. As such, I deferred to him on a lot of rule tweaks that really are counter to my typical fast and loose style. Also, I have always started my campaigns at level 3. I'm running for level one PC's Saturday, and I am worried that I might kill the party. Not the dice killing them, but me.

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I am scared with the new medium, self imposed pressure, and real world health issues (leukeemia, heart issues, chronic pain, associated stress), I am going to screw it up and not meet my standards. Or worse, not meet theirs. These feelings are typical pre-session 1 gitters for the most part, but the fear of failure is cranked up to 11. And it is somewhat silly. It also makes me somewhat optimistic, because if I care enough to get worried about running a game then I usually kill it. Having said that, I would appreciate any advice for running online instead of at the table or words of encouragement in general. Tips on running for level 1 PC's would also be welcome as that's also a new experience. Thanks, all.

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