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About to start a new campaign, have some 5e questions and a few general queststions

Content of the article: "About to start a new campaign, have some 5e questions and a few general queststions"

I have always loved D&D but I only tried playing once, and it was when I Dme'd a couple of friends for one adventure and a half. That was on 4th edition, and it wasn't all that great, so I'm using 5e for this game. The players are my brother and his friends (around 15 years old, I'm 19), and I wanted to ask a few questions here before I start building characters for them.

  1. Do you need a "balanced" party? In 4e I remember every class had a role, and while 5e doesn't have that, I doubt a party of 4 warlocks would work for a normal game. Also, are there any major balance problems with any class/base rules? I'm talking about something big that even a beginner party would notice.

  2. The biggest problem in my previous DM experience was that the battles were super long and were also quite boring. I have heard the 5e is better about this than 4e, but I'm still scared all the combat will turn into pure dice roll spamming and that would make the game both very boring and very frustrating. So basically- how do I make this not happen? I was thinking to make the area of the encounters more interesting and with more strategy, but not every battle can be between on few rock islands in a lake of lava or an intense chariot chase. I also plan to space out the combat a lot more, have more exploring/social encounters/puzzles between the fights, but I want as much advice about this as possible, as combat is a very big part of the game (and also the most appealing to new players usually) so I want to nail that. Also side question- is a board with miniatures necessary/helpful? or does it make the combat too technical?

  3. Any recommended tricks (for lack of a better word) to get them into the role-playing part of the game? I'm not expecting (nor do I really want) constant super deep role-playing, but from some talking to them I'm already getting the feeling they will lean into thinking as players and not as characters (nothing against them, as they are all beginners). I feel like this is a major part of what makes non-combat parts in the game interesting, and as I said before I don't want the game to be 90% combat.

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Lastly, if you have any general tips for beginning DMs, as well as any helpful resources or a particularly recommended adventure that I can take inspiration from (mostly on the mechanical level, as I have ideas for the story part). Specifically: 1. A dungeon crawl that is good and also isn't completely stupid (with the goblins/kobolds/orcs not being able to hear their friends dying in the next room). 2. Any cool/interesting/exciting combat encounter, especially for lower levels.

Thanks in advance!

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