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Abuse cases for my custom item?

Content of the article: "Abuse cases for my custom item?"

Hello! I have a friend who is an excellent roleplayer, but he is also mechanically much better at D&D than my other friends. I wanted to give him an item that was very powerful when used creatively, but required a lot of knowledge of the mechanics to make use of optimally. He's playing a wizard.

Here's the item: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/g45DsNZ-k

I think he will use the location ability of the book creatively to help them with adventures tracking things by "losing it" to an enemy. I think he will also try to trick something into deciphering the book so that it's stunned. Both awesome in my eyes!!

I originally didn't want the book to require attunement, however I also didn't want it to give spells to EVERY wizard that has access to it at the same time. I feel pretty confident that I've fixed any abuse cases with gaining an extra wizard spell per level by forcing him to attune to it, but didn't punish him for attuning by allowing him to get 4 attunement slots (which does not stack with Artificer). So he still gets his regular 3 items on top of this item that I originally didn't want to require attunement anyway.

The thing that I'm worried about is that I'm missing some crazy combo of spells for concentration. Since the book lets you concentrate on two spells at once, is there something I'm missing that would be game-breakingly good? I want to reward his creativity for concentrating on two different spells at once, but I am doubting my knowledge of all the spells to prevent abuse cases. If I confront him about abuse he would stop (he's seriously an amazing player!!) but I'd rather just not deal with it to begin with instead of punishing him for my mistake.

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Also, I am struggling to think of cases where the reaction ability would be game-breaking as well. If you think of any, please let me know so I can fix them before I give it to him!

I only allow spells from the player's handbook for this campaign, so you don't have to worry about spells outside of that source.

Thanks in advance for help spotting abuse cases! Also, any other feedback is welcome if you would like to provide it, but not necessary. Be safe and well, friends! 🙂

(Edited to add a note about helping me with reaction ability of the item.)

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