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Accidental BBEG (an Out of the Abyss experience)

Content of the article: "Accidental BBEG (an Out of the Abyss experience)"

I am Dming an Out of the Abyss campaign with one of the best group I had the chance of playing with and I'd like to recollect a part of this story. There won't be any spoilers for the module, no worries. 🙂

>Be me, DM

>Be not me: the group with knives, a freshly batch of escaped drow slaves, finally arriving at the Duergar city of Gracklstugh.

>The party is happy, positive and joking around. They've been moving along the tunnels of the underdark for the last 2 weeks.

>They have no real equipement, save what the forge cleric was able to create with the small spoils of war.

>They still have no fucking clue exactly where they are, how to get to the surface, etc.

>Oh, and they already lost 2 player character and 4 NPCs.

>So even if they had bad rumors about the Duergars (they are notorious slavers with a hard-on for order and law) it's still a CITY. They can talk around, gather info and equipement.

>They dock their boat, sneakly, at a very hidden pier they learned about, relax a little, joke around a little…

>And here enter Dock Officier Gabraz, a little addition of mine to an already hostile city. And holy shit did I not expect him to become the 2 next sessions BBEG.

>Imagine the most righteous, law enforcer dock officier you could find. Add to that that he's technically a dwarf, so ULTRA stubborn, then take out any anger and replace it by the most infuriating calm and patience. Finish the whole picture with a small notepad, ready to be filled with potential infractions to the law.

>So the party freeze up. They see what is clearly a Duergar guard at the top of the stairs leading to their dock. And then they realize he's giving them a parking ticket.

>My goal was to give them enough infractions for it to become slightly unfair, promting them to try and do something about it.

>Which of course would only bring more infractions. The speedrunning strat with this encounter would be to not talk and accept whatever the Dock Officier said.

>In total for that first encounter, they recived the following tickets:

– 4 Strangers and 1 duergar (Cleric in disguise) docking without proper inscription 1gp each (5gp)

– Docking at the improper dock for new arrivals 1gp

– Leaving an unregistered boat at the pier 5sp

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– Bringing a dwarf slave without proper manacles 5sp

– Failing to vacate the docks in a timely manner 4sp

-Attempting to threaten a duergar dock officier 2gp

– Docking a commercial boat at a no-commercial dock 5sp

– Failing to vacate the docks in a timely manner 4sp

>In the end, they paid the fine and entered the city with the promise of getting the correct entry paper work as fast as they could.

>The group walk around, discover the architecture of the Duergar (Bland) the city night-life (innexistant) and the merchants stalls (only selling weapons and useful things), and then go get rooms at the one and only stranger-friendly tavern in the city. They setup, and walk back out for a true shopping afternoon!

>And who is waiting outside with it's little notepad ready? Dock. Officier. Gabraz.

>It's been an hour since they entered the city, where are their papers?

>And they all recieve another round of tickets.

>That made them move really fast to the dock registration and an hour later, they are finally all set.

>Was that the end of their encounters with him? That second shot really made them hate the guy. I could had stopped at that point. Bring him back later.

>No. No I couldn't.

>So they finally go and exchange some loot for hard cast and go to sleep at the inn. They wake up the next day and keep doing a little more shopping. Equipment! Finaly! But there is a bunch of weirdos starting a riot over there, and they kind of get involved. They deal with the riot but when the guards come over to gather everybody involved for questioning… well.

>I made it VERY clear that the Duergars are slavers, and will not hesitate at the smallest occasion to legally set the party in chains. The group was super therefore careful about that.

>Understandably, the group gets the fuck out. They run away and are able to shake the guards off. But now theres 3 of them wanted by the guards. They've seen their faces. So they disguise themselves and it works! They gather up with the rest of the group at the inn, they call it a day and discuss the next move.

>They wake up on their second day here, ready to get to work and Dock Officier Gabraz is close by.

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>And what. do. he. See.

>The group of troublesome strangers who made such a joke of the proper registration protocol 2 days ago.

>But hold on. He recognize only 2 faces in the group. The 3 others are new to him.

>Do THEY have the proper papers?

>Its his duty to find out.

>NOW. One of the Clerics has a passive perception of 20 and for that 3rd potential encounter I DID tell him that he notice the dock officier before he notices the group. And gave him time to react to it.

>Plus if they escape his grasps, I can use him as a horror monster, always lurking somewhere, popping where you dont expect him. The dreaded notepad ready to be used.

>But no, the group comes out of the inn, sees him and simply wait for him to come to them. They have a small trick up their sleeve.

>Cause see. The Dock Officier never saw the registration papers himself. So they start arguing about the tickets and how theses are the paper needed for the 3 new faces in the party.

>The Dock Officier switches strategies at that point and start asking about where the 3 previous party members went and things become heated up.

>I don't remember how it got to that. At this point 2 of the players and myself were talking over each other, but the matter is, the dwarf cleric lost his cool and announced that he was punching the Dock Officier.

>The Dock Officier looks surprised. The 5 invisible guards that made the rest of his patrol appear out of thin air, weapons raised. But the Dock Officier, calm as always, wave them down.

>Assaulting a Dock Officier on duty that's a 5gp infraction.

>The Cleric : I throw 10gp at him and punch him a second time.

>The Warlock add up from the back that he also wants to pitch in 5gp and the rest of the party is pretty much all behind theses decisions.

>That is when the Dock Officier lost his cool, took out his weapons and announced that he was putting everybody under arrest.

>What ensued is a 3h long fight against the city guards, the dock Officier and many simple citizens who joined the fight against the untrustworty strangers.

>It's a goddam mess.

>Everybody is trying things.

>They are actually surviving.

>The Officier get roasted alive with a combo of heat metal and inflict wounds.

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>More Duergars joins the fray.

>An elite group of guards come into the scene, asking for everybody to stand down.

>The Rogue gets the fuck out.

>One of the Clerics cast sanctuary on himself and take the dodge action every turn, making a legendary last stand.

>The Warlock find a way to blink out of view and change his identity.

>Then for HIS escape, the second Cleric goes : ''Hold on guys! I have a plan, for real this time! It's a good one this time!''

>And then throws on himself and the 2 closest guards the dust of disappearance he had in his backpack.

>The dust of disappearance.

>That can make everybody in a 10ft radius invisible.

>For 10 mins.

>The dust he had on him tHIS WHOLE TIME.

>This was also the Cleric who punched the Dock Officier in the first place.

>The discord voice chat erupt as everybody shout out why he didn't used it BEFORE.

Result of the fight :

2 players escaped on the run.

1 player escaped but stuck with a drow highborn who took her chance and found her as she escaped.

1 player and one NPC captured.

1 lesson learned.

Don't give parking tickets to a DnD group.

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