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Adventures in a Planar Bazaar- Looking to Brainstorm.

So my players are about to pass through a city in the setting on their way to a bridge to the Underworld to go full Orpheus for an NPC. You know, like you do. And I wanted to put some work in to make this city they're going to pass through to be interesting enough that they maybe choose to spend an extra day there exploring and getting up to shenanigans, because passing through a city and being told it doesn't matter to the overall plot is just boring.

So I started working on it, and before I know it the bridge to the underworld is one of the more tame things about this place- It's not just connected to the Underworld/Shadowfel, but to all my Planes (Think mostly the Inner Planes, plus a version of the Beastlands), and as such is a huge trade city for goods to find their way into the Prime Material- Vistani selling Liquor brewed from Rye grown in the Shadowfel, Eladrin selling Feywild Woodwork, Azer selling arms and armor, Marid Dyes and Potions, Djinni Magic Carpets, etc. Anything you can imagine and quite a few things you can't can be found here.

Problem though- my players are out of cash. They spent all their gold in a pirate port a few sessions ago. Don't get me wrong, they're happy with the stuff they bought, and I'm glad they did, but it makes my eclectic planar bazaar a lot less exciting… unless I make it a challenge.

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As a result- when they arrive, they'll learn of a Magic Item Auction going on the next day, and have a whole night among the wild Planar Night Markets to try and drum up as much cash as they can manage. If my players decide they'd rather just spend the cash on normal purchases in the market, that's fine. Or they could save up for the magic item auction, or they could just take the cash back to the pirate port and spend it there, I honestly don't care any which way, so long as they have fun and feel like they got to pull off something cool and exciting.

As such- what are some ideas for shenanigans they can get up to trying to make quick cash in a crazy marketplace from all across the planes? I'm looking for quick quest ideas that they can do several of, including guarding a meeting and exchange of illicit goods that goes south- the goods turn out to be Githyanki Silver Swords, and a dozen raiders arrive and try to kill the sellers, the buyers, and the party to take their swords back. Quests don't have to involve combat, probably shouldn't be more than 1 combat to keep it snappy, but I'm game for something much more about some clever skill checks and non-combat spell uses. Party is currently 1 Tempest Cleric, 1 Valor Bard, and 1 Swashbuckler Rogue with a level of Fighter.

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I'm also on-board for any evocative or fun things for sale in the marketplace that come to mind- I want my players to be more than a little wowed when I start describing the things on offer. They're in the high edge of Tier 2 while they're here, and I want them to realize that they're getting into the big leagues as they start to cross the threshold into Tier 3. They should feel like they're getting into some cosmic shit.


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