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Advice needed – Uprising in a homebrew campaign.

Content of the article: "Advice needed – Uprising in a homebrew campaign."

Ok, so I'm a new-ish DM looking for some advice about a homebrew campaign I'm running. I'm a 20 year-old guy who's only ever seriously ran pre-written campaigns, and am already struggling a bit with balancing university and D&D, but I digress.

In this campaign, my players (a tabaxi cleric/bard, a high elf sorcerer, a human barbarian and a fighter/rogue assassin gnome) have come upon a city which runs on a system of elven supremacy, with high elves on top of the hierarchy (i.e. the monarchs of the land are high-elven, as are most guards and high-ranking officials), wood elves and other non-drow or high elves in the middle as the respectable middle class, and drow/half-elves at the bottom. Anyone non-elf is below even this, and must wait in a 'hostel' (read: refugee camp, essentially) for their permit to enter the city to be processed. They can then either be turned away or let in on the condition that all their weapons are confiscated. Even if they are let in, they are doomed to essentially live in a ghetto/slum-type area.

My party had managed to obtain a permit to enter the city and persuade the guards that their weapons are necessary (curse nat 20 persuasion rolls, amirite?) and have gone about their business in the city, which I won't mention too much here since it isn't very relevant to the problem I'm having. Essentially, they're doing a few fetch quests for a high-level drow magic-user who is going to create a portal for them in return to the nine hells where they need to fight one of the overarching big bads of the campaign – this issue is all related to a side-quest. However, one of my players (who seriously hates combat for some reason – in the past I had to completely recreate his combat-oriented wizard character to be a more support-based class – he's now the bard/cleric) has recently decided that he isn't as interested in these fetch quests as much as starting a revolution in the city, and overthrowing the elven hierarchy.

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My other players were originally opposed to the idea, but ever since they met an NPC called Leo (a plucky, idealistic young half-elf who dreams of a better tomorrow – think Enjolras/Marius type from Les Mis) they too want in on this supposed revolution, and at this point my cleric/bard player has already persuaded a large number of the non-elves staying in the hostel to join his coup. At this point, it seems almost guaranteed that this revolution is happening, but there comes the big problem:

I have no idea how to run a revolution-based D&D session.

Some more context: the party barbarian loves combat, and the high-elf and gnome fall somewhere in between indifference and a healthy interest towards roleplay/combat balance. However, I know the cleric/bard tabaxi is absolutely going to want to minimise the amount of fighting he does.

As illegitimate heir to the throne, it seems likely that Leo (whose human mother had a secret affair with the elven king before she died) is the natural choice to replace the current monarchy, but I have no idea how to get to this point. I would be hugely grateful for any help/advice anyone could give me on how to handle this situation, preferably ASAP as the session is likely to be this Sunday (4th October). I'm happy to provide any more information/context needed should the need arise.

Thanks in advance

– A very confused and lost DM

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