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Advice on a grapple/control melee Order Cleric

Advice required as I think this build has too much going on.

This character is a mighty lumbering Level 12 point-buy ancient firbolg


  • Melee, Heavy Amour, and STR. Leaning into Powerful Build + she is an immovable object. Guessing this will require Resilient CON or Warcaster
  • Expertise in Athletics for grappling and shoving. This won't be a primary tactic but I'd the option to lock down enemies, prioritising control over damage. This means either: Brawny Skill feat, 3 levels of Bard, 1 level of Rogue, 1 level of Ranger (Class Feature Variant UA)
  • More caster than martial. Melee control in battle, healing and utility outside of combat
  • Nature and/or divine themed
  • Leaning away from high CHA and Druid as I have played both recently. Hence I'm not going Oath of the Ancients as I worry most of the spells would end up going on increasing damage instead of utility

Best I Can Come Up With:

  • Gloomstalker 5 / Order+. STR 14, DEX 14, CON 16 (Resilient CON), INT 8, WIS 18, CHA 8 (i have permission for 28pts instead of 27)
  • Class Variant UA for Shillelagh and Thorn Whip from Druidic Warrior + free utility spells
  • Gloomstalker Ambush movement and attacks + Zephyr Strike to reach and control backline enemies
  • Extra Attack for grapple/prone with minimal loss of spell casting progression.
  • After making enemy prone the ideal damage output would be Shillelagh+Hunter's Mark+Divine Strike+Spiritual Weapon/Spirit Guardians
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My worry is the Action economy?

Actions: grapple/shove, set up concentration spell (e.g Spirit Guardians), weapon attack, buffs/heals on party members to trigger their free attacks, Channel Divinity mass charm/disarm

Bonus Actions: Shillelagh (from Druidic Warrior), Zephyr Strike, Healing Word to trigger party attacks, Order Cleric's bonus action enchantment spells

Should I abandon the 5 level dip for Extra Attack in favour less investment or other options as grapple/shove prone might be less useful in Tier 3 play?

Are there other builds that would work better?

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