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Advice on a unusual one-shot

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Blue lake 3 & companions look away! Seriously, don’t look.

6 lvl 5 players

So due to scheduling conflicts for my campaign I’m using my normal time slot for a one-shot and I wanted to go very different from normal.

Spoilers for the one shot “death is only the beginning”.

I found a one shot adventure where all the players start dead. They come to and each player is a different kind of undead trapped in a necromancer’s tower. They must navigate the dungeon as undead, ultimately finding a ring that allows one wish (which they can choose to use to revive them all), and then they can confront the necromancer. Seems like a fun little adventure where they need to roleplay differently because their either a ghost, ghast, ghoul, zombie, skeleton or crawling claw (determined by a d20 roll, awarded highest to lowest)

This got me thinking, if the players start dead, why not go one step further and kill the players first in an epic combat with something they usually would never fight because it would kill them?

I’m thinking of starting the session in this combat (always wanted to start a session saying roll for initiative).

What I’m having trouble with is what can I throw at them that won’t kill them instantly, but they have no chance of defeating (or escaping)? Also how is it plausible they ended up in this situation?

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I was thinking that the necromancer planted a treasure map somewhere, leading to a cave that was booby trapped to close them into a room they can’t escape from.

I was also thinking about during this deadly combat, maybe pausing to flash back to earlier when they were given the quest so they’re able to roleplay more. Maybe do this flashback mechanic another one or two times to a section of their travel to this cave (throwing in a puzzle or something).

All my DM friends are players in this so I have no one to bounce ideas off, and I’m feeling like I might be getting to adventurous with this, but isn’t that one shot shots are for?

Anyone have thoughts on how I can make this work? Is this hopeless? Will my players hate it?

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