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Advice on crafting gabling game

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I am doing a campaign in a colonial America type setting, and want to incorporate the stick (hand) game into the game. Here's a link to my source on the rules, but I'll also give a brief description.

So to play the stick game you need two teams, with at least five players on each. Each team needs two sets of "bones", a marked and unmarked or each. There are also a total of 11 sticks that are played for.

To start off each team places bets into the pot, then sends a captain forward, with a set of the bones. They hide the bones in each of their hands, with each one getting a chance to guess where the unmarked bone is. The winner gets the 11th stick, the kick stick, and then takes a set of five sticks.

The team that just lost then picks two of their players to hide their bones in their hands, while one person from the other team guesses. There are four options with the unmarked bone being in, both hider’s left hands, both of their right, both on the inside, or both on the outside. To make it more interesting, the guesser uses hand signals, and can attempt to use fake ones to trip the other team up, making them reveal what they have. It adds an element similar to Simon Says. Additionally each team is singing and playing drums to distract the other team.

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If both are guessed wrong the guessing team loses two sticks. If a guesser from the opposing team can identify which hand(s) conceals the un-marked bone(s), the team wins those bone(s). When both sets are in play and only oneset is correctly guessed, only those bones identified correctly are won. When both sets are eventually won, that team becomes the hiders and the other team becomes the guessers. This goes back and forthwith until one team has all 11 sticks.

So how I thought to play this in dnd, is that each team does a contested group performance roll, this gives them advantage on their rolls until the teams switch. The guessing team would make insight rolls vs deception rolls. The guessing team may also choose to do a deception to trick the hiding team into revealing the bones early, contested by insight. What other ways might I make this more engaging?

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