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Advice on Mental Exhaustion Homebrew

My warlock is getting influenced more and more by his patron. I want to embody his possible mental decline into insanity mechanically. It would be used in the campaign as the mood of the game called for it. The hallucinations would be up to the DM. Also, apologies this is a rough draft so language is not so concise nor precise. I am mostly wanting feedback on the ideas and mechanics, I am not married to these ideas or even having a system to represent this….fyi this 'system' was heavily influenced by Call of Cthulhu insanity system.

Mental Exhaustion Homebrew Rules

Mental Exhaustion Chart


1d2 Minor Hallucinations per day


Disadvantage on Wisdom + Intelligence Checks/Abilities


1d2 Major Hallucinations per day


Decrease Wisdom Score by 1d4+1 permanently


1d2 Minor and 1d2 Major Hallucinations per day


Permanent Insanity (Unplayable)

Minor Hallucinations – Do not represent objects or People well known to the victim, DC: 10 Intelligence Check to Verify Reality

Major Hallucinations – Can represent objects or People well known to the victim, DC: 12 Intelligence check to Verify Reality

Failing a Reality Check – Gain another point of Mental Exhaustion, unable to gain more Mental Exhaustion from failed Reality Checks for one day, however Minor Hallucinations DC: 13 till the end of the day, and Major Hallucinations DC: 15 till the end of the day.

Regaining Lost Wisdom — Your character has suffered heavy mental trauma and has began to lose the ability to decern reality from illusion. Your lost wisdom is not entirely permanent but will require intensive care to be restored. Each point regained requires at least 1 week of rehabilitation (This means in bed, or a hospital). Roll a Constitution Save DC:10, if success, you gain a wisdom point back, if fail you must spend another week to regain the point, but regain it without rolling. You may regain points up-to 1 point under your original maximum wisdom score. There will be a cost (monetary) associated with your character’s rehabilitation which is subject change from your DM, especially dependent on the location, qualities, and circumstances of your characters rehabilitation.

Wisdom Decreased to Zero – Your character has gone permanently insane and is no longer playable.

Gaining Mental Exhaustion Points – There are many ways in which you can gain a point of mental exhaustion, and they can be applied to any situation in which your DM deems it a reasonable effect. Some events that could cause mental exhaustion are being mind-controlled or charmed by an enemy, reoccurring strange dreams from an alien influence, particularly mentally or emotionally traumatizing events, etc. However, it is recommended that you only gain a single mental exhaustion point from a given source type a day. For instance, if you were mind-controlled by both an illithid and a succubus in the same day, you ought only receive one Mental Exhaustion Point. However, if you were mind-controlled by a succubus and your witnessed your child’s death you might instead receive two points of Mental Exhaustion. Situations in which you are mind controlled by a succubus and forced to attack your party that might elicit one point of mental exhaustion points. If however, you were mind controlled by a succubus into killing a party member, your DM could reasonable rule that unwillingly killing a party member counts as a traumatic event, and you would gain two points of mental exhaustion even though the killing of a party member (a traumatic event) is linked to the first cause, being mind controlled by a succubus.

Losing Mental Exhaustion Points – Greater Restoration can remove a point of Mental Exhaustion, however if your mental exhaustion level stays at 3 or lower then every three days in which you do not have to roll to determine whether or not you gain a mental exhaustion level, you lose one level of mental exhaustion.

1 day without long rest = 1 pt Exhaustion

Gain an additional point of exhaustion for each day without a long rest, unless you take a short rest that day

2 day without long rest = 1 pt Mental Exhaustion

3 days without long rest = 2pt of Mental Exhaustion

4 days without long rest = 3 pt of Mental Exhaustion

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