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Advice on planned player base

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Hiya everyone, this is my first time coming here for help : )

In a campaign I’ve been running, they’ve been on the hunt for a lost city of sorts that has been hinted at for a few sessions now. When they get there they’re going to meet this ancient ruler of the city who will act as a sort of major questgiver that will act as a springboard into the rest of the world I’ve built. This part I think I’ve got hammered down, but I also wanted them to take a real liking to this place, so that they’d be willing to use this place as their home base between major adventures, but I’m not quite sure what the best way to do that would be.

On one hand, I could appeal to them by giving obvious incentives – I could have it so the city was thriving in secret, and have a bunch of interesting NPCs in the town that could provide a wide range of goods, so that they immediately see the value of making this their home to take advantage of this stuff when they’re more financially solvent. My concern rises with the idea that other places might end up proving more interesting to them down the line, e.g. Waterdeep which I’ve had set up in the world for later as well, and that they might decide to move there or elsewhere for the campaign instead.

My other idea was that the city could be basically enter when they arrive aside from the questgiver and maybe some other very basic services, and that it would be up to the players to find people they’d want to “recruit” to move there and bring the city back to prominence, or have this happen automatically between their adventures, or a mixture of the two. I could see this giving them a sense of attachment to the city, as they’d be partially/entirely responsible for its renewed success, or at the very least be able to see its growth in pseudo-real-time. Again though my worry is that they’ll find cities like Waterdeep or something and take the easier road instead.

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I really want to have my players get attached to this city, and I’ll only get one shot at it. Do you guys think either of these ideas would work, or do you think there might be another way I could get them to attach to this place? I really want this to be a great experience for them. Thanks in advance!

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