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Advice on some Boss Mechanics for a shifting-Jelly God??

Content of the article: "Advice on some Boss Mechanics for a shifting-Jelly God??"

Hi all, bit of context:

I'm running a homebrew campaign that has "Places of power" in them; essentially taken directly from Witcher 3, these places will buff any magical ability that is channelled through the place. I'm building up to a boss fight where the PCs will be forced to deal with a small cult of unhinged Kuo-toa who have taken up residence around one of these places. Kuo-Toa are cool in that they can literally will a god in to existence, and it will reflect their idea of what Kuo-toa think that god is. The idea behind the boss fight is that this kuo-toa ability to create a god is going to be turbo-charged by the place of power, so they can change the mechanics of the boss on a whim, based on basically what they say/understand of the god, and this can be influenced by the high-priest of the cult, and his "teachings" (aka mad ramblings).

This is where you all come in; I'm envisioning the boss fight happening with the "god" – a ginormous ochre jelly – having its mechanics, resistances and abilities change on the whims of the Kuo-toa; with the ultimate aim to be killing/defeating the cultists so that the god ceases to exist, even if only temporarily. The god itself will basically be immortal, while its followers are alive/conscious. An example would be the Kuo-toa leader shouting something like:

"Fools! You should know that our great god Oddleboodle (placeholder name) is immune to damage from druids – You obviously don't know your lore". This would make it that for this round of combat, the god is immune to damage from druids. At the beginning of every round, the insane Kuo-toa will shout out some other nonsense rule, which will overwrite the previous rule. I've got some smart players, so I reckon they'll pick up on what's happening quick enough and will focus their attention on the underlings, as opposed to the god.

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What could be some fun/interesting rules for the god to have? So far I've only got basic rules about damage resistances, its attack style and things like that, so thought I'd see if anyone else had any ideas or places I could look for inspiration?

The party are relatively low level so I don't want anything that's likely to lead to a TPK, though I can always scale back damage on the fly if need be.

Thanks in advance

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