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Advice request: First time designing an artefact.

I've never used artefacts in my game before but my players are about to come across something that I think it makes sense to make an artefact.

TL;DR Designing an artefact and would like advice on using it, introducing it, making the artefact matter.

Background: My setting is my own, stealing ideas from anyone I please so the artefact is tied to this setting's Feywild and Shadowfell. My Feywild/Shadowfell is the shattered remains of a world, kind of like the video game Bastion but without the precipitous edges, the edges just curve back around on themselve like Barovia. You need dowsing rods to be able to follow leylines (true paths) through the Feywild.

Each fragment has an Atmosphere (think pleasant atmosphere, not oxygen) which is controlled by a lantern. If the lantern is lit (requiring the daylight spell cast on the lantern) it is Feywild atmosphere, if it is unlit (requiring the darkness spell cast on the lantern) it is Shadowfell atmosphere.

One of these lanterns is the artefact the party is about to come across. This lantern has been manipulated by a Hag so instead of daylight/darkness it is dancing lights and thus untethered from the rest of the Feywild.

I'm thinking that the Lantern will have the following properties:

  • If you cast daylight or darkness on the lamp of a high enough level to dispel the last casting, it changes the atmosphere from shadowfell-like to feywild-like (for daylight) or vice versa (for darkness).

  • Plane locked: the lantern cannot leave the portion of the feywild it is in, anyone attuned to the lantern cannot leave the plane either.

  • While attuned, you can cast daylight or darkness from the lantern at 3rd level which recharges on a 5+ on a d6 roll or per 24 hours.

  • While attuned, you are blind when more than 10ft from the lantern.

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So I guess my question is, is this an interesting enough artefact? Are the powers flavourful enough without being too difficult to understand? Does anyone have advice or comments on using artefacts in your games and is this too specific an artefact for them to care about?


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