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Aidun Noh, grappler of Dragons

Content of the article: "Aidun Noh, grappler of Dragons"

Be level 6 party

Be me, Aidun Noh, half-orc barbarian, bouncer of local tavern

Be not me, Sir Bradly, human bard, good at talking noble, always tries to talk things out before fighting, also leader of party

Be also not me, rock throwing rogue Jim the peasant and horny cleric Cyran, both generally stupid party comrades

Be in one-shot turned campaign

Coming back to town of Pisswater after dealing with a couple of pirates and commandeering their ship, Bradly hired previously enslaved crew

Woman comes up to us screaming about a dragon before fainting

We see metallic looking blue dragon flying overhead

Bradly says since it's just flying around it isn't really a problem

We go rest at Bradly's recently acquired tavern via not entirely legal ways

Cyran rests and keeps watch outside, since he's an elf

We awake to the sound of screams and fire

DM says that Cyran had a vision of his deity, and was thus unable to keep watch


After a short moment of Bradly pondering if we can talk it out, ended by me saying it is already attacking the town, we go off to confront the dragon

arrive 100 feet away from a spot the dragon landed at

I check a couple of the items I have gotten via adventuring to think of a way to tackle this problem


I walk forward 40 feet

Dragon takes notice


Dragon goes first, moves 20 feet closer and takes a bite at me from 20 feet

I consider this bullshit reach, but DM says the dragon has a really long neck

Bradly enlarges my character on his turn

Other players' turns go by, not really relevant except Jim hitting every shot

Enter rage, proceed blow out all of the charges on the ring of the ram

6d10, 43 damage, be up on dragons face

Dragon multi attacks me, rage damage resistance taking the win

Earlier, the DM ruled that if we even got double advantage we'd get to roll 3d20 and get the bigger number

Be right next to dragon

Be enlarged enraged barbarian with +7 to athletics

Be rolling 3d20+7 to grapple

Grapple the dragon, succeed

Throw dragon down to the ground, succeed

Dragon uses knockout gas attack on me

Fail constitution saving throw

Bradly shoots me so that I don't get uncouncious right next to a dragon

DM allows me to still be enraged, but I lose grasp of the grapple on the dragon

I grapple the dragon

Legendary action, it doesn't get grappled

2 attacks per action, I grapple it again

Legendary action, it doesn't get grappled

Turn goes by, get hit by dragon attacks

Starting to get low on health

Except not really, get healed by party

I grapple the dragon

It uses its last legendary action to escape it

I grapple it again, succeed

On its turn it starts beating its wings, which prompts me to make a dexterity saving throw

I pass, but lose grasp on the grapple


Dragon transforms into more humanoid form, proceeds to sau it was a good fight and to threathen us, then flies away, destroying the roof of Bradly's tavern

I just assume it was scared of being grappled again

Bradly goes off to find someone to fix the roof of his tavern, the rest of us return to resting there, in a room with a roof still above it

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