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AITA: One shot my players.

Content of the article: "AITA: One shot my players."

Hey! new member here. I feel guilty about something that happened today at a dnd table.

Long shot party reaches a small town and goes to the local tavern to look for a job. while drinking and talking, a couple asks them for help: Their child has disappeared. Both parents look really nervous and tell the adventurers that they can't talk in the middle of the tavern. Instead, they'll visit them that night… or so they said.
The day after, the party found the flayed and decapitated body of the father hanging in the front of a local burnt temple of Eldath (godess of peace) and found out something was wrong, so they started investigating. Found out the town was run by a family and there was a lot of shady shit going on. I keep telling them they are being watched, and the fact that half of the town looks scared and the other town looks sinister.
Now, they made some mistakes that led the bad guys to put their eyes on them:
-Warlock disguised as one of the villains and tried to squeeze intel out of the tavern keeper which they know he's a teller and a bad guy. Despite having great rolls, his dialogues were so bad it rose the DC to 30. (He asked stuff the villain should already know and was super polite despite the villain being a foul mouthed sonufabitch)
-Cleric kept telling everyone he was a cleric of eldath. that's right, the god whose temple was burnt.
-They read the mind of people despite knowing the targets realize they had their minds read.
Even after i gave them some warnings (the father's eyes and tongue hanging from their room's window and a fucking dagger in a pillow), they get a small job: going to the graveyard and burying the body of the father (which by the way, everyone in town denies knowing).

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Now here's the juicy part:
Party reached the graveyard and dug a grave, burying the body. While doing that, night fell and they spotted a person walking into the cemetery and hid in the shadows and casting SILENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING CEMETERY.
The misterious person is one of the family villains: The wizard necromancer lady. She walks in there to do some fucked up ritual and while going to her altar, walks right into the circle of silence. She realizes there is no sound and starts panicking. Party wizard decides to come out of the shadow and play it cool. he talks his way out of everything and villain wizards sees him off.
Party keeps moving to avoid her gaze since there isn't a lot of cover and fails their stealth check to stay hidden and now it's the warlock who decides to distract the wizard woman with his familiar, which she kills instantly with a chill touch.
Warlock then (a changeling), comes out of the shadows disguised as his wizard teammate (Changelings only change body, not clothes. do the math) and the villain sees right through the disguise and uses vampiric touch against him. After this, the rest of the party comes out of the shadows and instead of fighting, they want to talk.
Now, obviously, the villain sees she's 1v5 and seeing the party instead of asking her questions they are like "sorry for scaring you, we'll take our leave", she sees them off WHILE OPENING COFFINS ALL AROUND. of course, she danse macabre'd the fuck out of some zombies and suddenly it was a 5v5. Fight starts. Cleric turns undead and manages to take out the zombies. Now that the mage is 1v5, as a DM i thought: "ok, they know too much and the villain is 1v5. she would go all-out" and threw a circle of death at them.

"it's a 48 max damage spell. what could go wrong?"

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I ROLL A FUCKING 31 AND FOUR OF THE FIVE PLAYERS FAIL THEIR SAVES WITH LESS THAN 10. Now, the fight is a fighter samurai with 15 hp against a 39 hp wizard.

AMITA for going all-out? i've recently had players end my encounters pretty fast for holding punches and this single time i don't hold it, they all run out of luck with their saves and get killed.

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