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Alligator Grills

Hey y'all a future Player of mine (I'm currently getting him more and more interested in D&D) has kinda fallen in love with the Lizardfolk, and their Cunning Artisan Trait, and would like to build a kind of "Alligator Grills"-Character who only uses Weapons made from natural materials/that he crafted himself, and honestly I'm in love with the idea.

I know that it doesn't perfectly allign with the whole "Survival-Shtick" to not use Weapons made from Metall, (since by RAW if I recall correctly Weapons made from natural materials are quite a bit less effective), but I'm thinking about maybe recommending Druid to him, and expand the whole "No metall Armor"-Thing they have going on in his case, and giving him an "enchanted" Bone-Scimitar or similar, which would basically get rid of the whole – 1 to Damage Penalty and the fragile property, since I wouldn't want to severely punish him for playing such a fascinating character.

Anyways, he has also asked me if he could use his Cunning Artisan Trait to craft "unique" Weapons from slain Enemies (kind of like the Kobold Inventor, f.e. cutting of the Stinger of a Giant Scorpion and using it as a one-/two-time use weapon), and since I don't think there is a system like this by RAW, I kinda made my own, and am currently looking for feedback/suggestions how to make it better, or maybe already existing systems by RAW, that I just wasn't aware existed.

So the System I developed so far (only a rough draft up until now), has the following "steps":

Can only be used during a short or long rest (since it's a expansion to Cunning Artisan obv.)

Only one improvised Weapon can be attempted to be crafted per Rest

The Player can only use materials he "collected" between the last Rest and the current one

He gotta explain to me what part of a slain creature he wants to use and how he wants to use it (If we go with my example from before of him using the Giant Scorpion Stinger, he could just, you know tie it to a stick or hold it in his hands, and do the staby stabs with it, or he could maybe like attach it to some kind of source of pressurised air f.e. a bellow, to make the poison shoot out in an area), because I gotta know how he wants to use it, in order to determine how much damage it should do etc.

Then he gotta make a combined Skill Check on both Intelligence (Nature), cause you gotta know where the Part of the Monster you're trying to use actually is, and how to extract it, without making it completely unusable in the process, and Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) to succesfully extract the part from the creature/"recombine" the creature's parts in a different way (I'll probably add Tinkerer's Tools to the mix as well, as they seem perfect for such a Skill Check).

And then by adding the two results together I determine how succesful he is at Crafting his new improvised weapon. With low Rolls meaning that he couldn't craft something this time, medium Rolls meaning he crafted something functioning with slightly lower Damage than the one of the original creature (again Giant Scorpion does 4D10 poison Damage on a failed Saving Throw, so this improvised Weapon would maybe do 3D10/4D8, I'll think about that when that actually happens), and High Rolls being rewarded with 1-2 extra uses of his creation/maybe higher Damage (although not above the "original Damage" that the creature could have accomplished, anything else would be silly).

So yeah, that's my idea up until now. I would be very appreciative of all feedback, and if there already exists something similar I would also be very thankful if you could tell me where to find it, so I can maybe use it, or rework it and at least use it as a base.


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