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Altering Strahd magical items to suit the party

Content of the article: "Altering Strahd magical items to suit the party"

I started to DM Curse of Strahd for a group of 3. They have just finished Death House and are loving the campaign so far.

I know my players pretty well, and I know they adore magical items. I think if I let Madame Eva say there are 3 powerful artefacts they will need for their quest, they will assume it is one cool item for each player. However, the tome (though super cool and useful lore-wise) is not something a specific player would want to own, and the holy symbol can't be used by any of them since none of them plays a cleric or paladin.

I know that players should learn that not every item is made for them, and that it makes the world more realistic, but I just think this specific group of players will be kind of bummed by this. Playing the entire game with the promise of 3 powerful artefacts, to then not be able to use them themselves. My main goal as a DM is: make sure the players love the game. And so I would like to alter the items.

I am wondering.. Is there a way to pimp the items a bit to make them more interesting to this specific party? They are a bard, a ranger and a rogue. I was thinking maybe I could combine the tome with another magical item, so it would give a bonus to an ability modifier, or maybe give the user access to more spells. I'm thinking it could be interesting for the bard. The sunsword is super cool as is, and I think both the ranger and rogue would love it. So that leaves us with the holy symbol. Could I alter it a bit and let them use it even though they're not a cleric or paladin? I mean, surely most good gods would want to aid the party in destroying Strahd, no?

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Last but not least, I think the bard would love the "instrument of the bards" but it is inside the castle and I feel like the spells it contains could be a lot of fun throughout the campaign. It's such a shame to receive it towards the end of the campaign. Is it an option to give it to him earlier on? And if so, when should I give it to him so he's not too overpowered at an early level?

There are only 3 players and none of them are proper tanks, so I think having some cool magical items would not only be fun but also possibly save their asses.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

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