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Alternative method for characters to gain Feats during play instead of only trading ASI

I went through the list of Feats that are not Ancestry related and came up with a process by which characters could gain them using daily effects/downtime/cash.
The depth of RP can vary for any of this, which helps me to gloss over the process when it suits the situation/player. I've had players that are good with a side quest to find that one person who has the time and knowledge to be a trainer, and others that just are not that into RP but who are fine with deducting gold and suffering negative effects for a set amount of time in order to gain a benefit.

For each listed Feat, Downtime is specifically noted, and Days listed are in-game days for which the noted effect is applied to the character. Cash is generally considered to be paid to a trainer or for supplies, which will need to be found.
The order of each of the items is: Feat name – One-time GP cost, Downtime, Days of effect, Effect applied, Additional Days/Effects, Additional requirements

The effects on the character are Exhaustion (because the person is spending extra time exerting themselves Mentally or Physically) or negative effects against a specific trait (to imitate the strain of working on the Feat).

Actor – Purchase Entertainer's Pack, 120 days, 1 passed CHA check (performance) each 5 days.

Alert – 60 days, 1 Level Exhaustion daily (not self-cumulative, but will accumulate with other causes)

Artificer Initiate – 300 GP trainer cost and purchase Artisan's Tools, train with Artificer for 20 downtime days, then 60 days, 1 passed INT check each 3 days.

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Athlete – 40 days, 1 level Exhaustion

Charger – 20 days, -1 DEX save/check

Chef – 50 GP for books and Cook's Utensils, 45 days, 1 level Exhaustion (due to reading late into the night)

Crossbow Expert – 40 days, -1 Dex save/check

Crusher – 40 days, -1 STR save/check

Defensive Duelist – 30 days, 1 level Exhaustion

Dual Wielder – 60 days, must use 2-weapon fighting during the day.

Dungeon Delver – 30 days, -1 WIS check/save, then 30 days, -1 DEX check/save

Durable – 40 days, 1 level Exhaustion

Eldritch Adept – 100 GP training/books (find a trainer), 60 days study, -1 INT check/save

Elemental Adept – 100 GP training (find a trainer), 60 days, -1 INT check/save

Fey Touched – RP only. Will need to seek out an entity and perform a service.

Fighting Initiate – 100GP for trainer, 10 days downtime

Grappler – 20 days, 1 level exhaustion

Great Weapon Master – 100 GP for trainer, 10 days downtime, then 10 days, 1 level Exhaustion

Healer – 50GP for trainer, 10 days downtime.

Heavily Armored – 40 days, 1 level Exhaustion

Heavy Armor Master – 40 days, -1 STR saves/checks, HP MAX reduced 1d4+3/day

Inspiring Leader – 60 days, 1 successful CHA check/3 days

Keen Mind – 20 days, -1 INT save/check, then 40 days, 1 successful INT check/3 days

Lightly Armored – 50 GP trainer, 30 days of wearing light armor

Linguist – 150GP for language studies info/trainer, 30 days, 1 level Exhaustion, then 120 days "working on it" (Essentially, player needs to indicate they are somehow practicing the languages)

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Lucky – 60 days, 1 level Exhaustion (mental exertion) and -1 DEX or CON check/save

Mage Slayer – 200 GP trainer, 20 days downtime

Magic Initiate – 200 GP trainer, 20 days downtime

Martial Adept – 200 GP trainer, 40 days downtime

Medium Armor Master – 30 days, HP MAX reduced by 1d4+2 /day

Metamagic Adept – 40 days, -1 INT check/save

Mobile – 40 days, -1 DEX check/save and -1 CON check/save

Moderately Armored – 40 days wearing medium armor, -1 Dex check/save

Mounted Combatant – 100 GP trainer, own a mount, 20 days downtime

Observant – 40 days, 1 level Exhaustion, then 20 days, -1 INT check/save

Piercer – 40 days using piercing weapons, -1 ATTACK rolls, -1 STR or DEX check/save

Poisoner – 250 GP trainer and Poisoner's Kit, 20 days downtime

Polearm Master – 100 GP trainer, 10 days downtime

Practiced Expert – 200 GP trainer (once found), 20 days downtime

Resilient – 40 days, -1 check/save to the chosen ability score

Ritual Caster – 200+ GP for ritual book and spells, 30 days, -1 check/save to INT or WIS (depending on caster type)

Savage Attacker – 20 days, -1 STR check/save

Sentinel – 150 GP Trainer, 40 days, -1 DEX check/save

Shadow Touched – RP Only. Need to gain a Boon from a Shadowfell entity.

Sharpshooter – 60 days, -1 DEX check/save

Shield Master – 50 GP cost for trainer, 40 days of "working on it"

Shield Training – 50 GP trainer, 20 days downtime

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Skilled – 150 GP trainers, 30 days downtime

Skulker – 30 days, -1 DEX check/save

Slasher – 40 days using slashing weapons, -1 ATTACK rolls, -1 STR or DEX check/save

Spell Sniper – 100 GP trainer, 10 days downtime

Tandem Tactician – 20 days, -1 ATTACK rolls

Tavern Brawler – 40 days using improvised weapon, -1 STR check/save

Tough – 40 days, HP Max reduced 1d4+6/day

Tracker – 100 GP trainer, 20 days downtime

War Caster – 150 GP trainer, 20 days downtime

Weapon Master – 100 GP trainer, 20 days, -1 STR check/save

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